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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why I Love A Good Movie Trailer. Part I

After watching the Dark Knight Rises Trailer for the 100th time. I began thinking, what are the best movie trailers of all time. Without blabbering on and on, lets just get into it. Here is part one of the best movie trailers ever.

30. Watchmen 2009
One of the most anticipated graphic novel to film adaptations of all time, the Watchmen trailer was a piece of art, with fabulous music (thank you Smashing Pumpkins) and beautiful visuals, the trailer left anyone who saw it in great anticipation.

 29. Eyes Wide Shut 1999
Stanly Kubrick’s last film is quite disturbing but it doesn’t take away from the riveting and eye popping trailer. With Chris Isaak’s “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” in the background, the trailer exudes more sexuality and provocativeness than many films can dream of.

28. Face/Off 1997
This is one of my favorite movies and trailers. The second half of the trailer isn’t great but the first part as we see Travolta transform into Cage is awesome.

27. Spiderman 2001
One of the highest grossing movies of all time drew in audiences with this fabulous trailer, reintroducing us to the webbed masked man.

26. The Matrix 1999
One of the smartest movies ever made, The Matrix impressed movie goers with this awesome trailer revealing some of the most amazing digital effects ever, many of which changes movies forever.

25. Speed 1994
OH Keanu. You make insanely awkward one liners but they are so 90’s action film that  I eat them all up. Pop quiz hotshot.

24. Unbreakable
This trailer is so simple and so eerie that it gives you chills. A simple set up is beautifully created and executed in M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller.

23. Pyscho 1960
The horror films of all horror films is beautifully presented to us in this classic trailer from Alfred Hitchcock.

22. Cloverfield 2008
With this very underrated film, a genius trailer brings the movie, shot in hand held cameras to an amazing realism. Ending with the statue of liberty’s head lying in the middle of the street, even better.

21. The Blair Witch Project 1999
This film revolutionized its generation and it all began with the trailer. Honestly you felt like you were watching a news report; freaky!

20. The Shining 1980
There are few trailers that can truly express the true nature of a film. This one did just that. In the quick 2 minute trailer, I promise you will get a true feel for the film; whether or not that is a good thing, I don’t know.

19. Ted 2011
Seth McFarline’s first feature film may have produced the greatest and funniest trailers ever. All I have to say is the Thunder Song.

18. The Social Network 2010
As anticipation for the controversial and award winning film was building, this simple and elegant trailer came out. Sometimes you don’t need to be fancy.

17. The Boondock Saints 1999
What a movie! What a trailer. The trailer does a great job balances the humor and drama and sickness of this film. Amazing all around.

16. Inglorious Basterds 2009
Quentin Tarantino is amazing and his trailer for this sick yet amazing film was no exception. “And boys, I want my scalps.” Arguably no trailer in the last 20 years drew so much talk.

15. Lord of the Rings The Two Towers 2002
The Lord of the Rings is arguably the greatest and most successful trilogy of all time. The second film is really awesome and the trailer sets the stage for one of the best battles ever filmed on screen.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why NY Does Awesome Rivalries.

As the Rangers and Devils continue their path into the Eastern Conference finals, it had me thinking of the best all-NY playoff series. NY is arguably the best sports city in the world. Right there with Boston, Chicago and LA, New York City sports are that much better due to the fact that there are at least 2 teams in every major sport. While it’s hard to argue that state-state rivalries are not the most dramatic and riveting sports rivalries out there, there is something special about in-state rivalries. Living in the same city as other fans of teams that you despise brings such a drama to your every day live. No one wants to go to work and get ripped on by their friend whose team just beat yours; especially when it’s a playoff series. So let’s take a look at the best All-NY sports rivalries.

Devils vs Rangers
As both teams began their rise in the NHL in the mid-90s, the Rangers and Devils met often and drama ensued. While the Devils were the more successful franchise in the late 90s and early 2000s, the rivalry grew every year. The main source of this rivalry has to be the 1994 Eastern Conference Finals. In one of the more dramatic NHL playoff series ever, the Rangers won the series in game 7 overtime after Mark Messier’s guaranteed victory in game 6. Almost 20 years later, the Rangers and Devils are adding fuel to the fire in this tri-state battle.

Giants vs Jets
Though they play in opposite conferences, the two NY NFL teams play in the same stadium, share a geographical fan base and have a heated on and off the field rivalry. The chat between the franchises is constant and always owning the headlines. The regular season game this past season was quite intense and had some serious applications. The thought of a Super Bowl between these teams is just scary. Heck, their fighting over the backpage of the NY Post alone is a battle for the ages.

Yankees vs Mets
America’s past time in America’s city. NY is split between being a football and baseball city. We love our baseball. The Yankees and Mets have massive fan bases of passionate and loyal fans. Though the Yankees have dominated the success column, this rivalry is always great. Every interleague game is an event. The “subway series” has always been intense but reached a focal point in the 2000 World Series when the Mike Pizza led Mets faced off with the Yankees in the Fall Classic. The series was great and had its memorable moments, perhaps none more than Clemens throwing a broken bat in the direction of Pizza. This rivalry will live forever.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Why The Dictator Was Better Than I Expected.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a comedic genius. From his early days on the Ali G show to his blockbuster and controversial Borat and Bruno, SBC has made a name for himself in Hollywood. Unafraid to touch any subject, SBC goes places that very few comics will go today. Growing up an orthodox Jew and a minority, SBC has no hesitation making fun of anything and everything. The Dictator is SBC’s newest politically incorrect film about a fictional middle eastern dictator name Supreme Leader Admiral General Aladeen. Admiral General Aladeen is a suppressing and anti-civil rights Dictator who rules his country like we can all imagine the current dictators of the world can do.
The film is split into two parts. The first half of the film focuses on dictatorship of the Admiral General and just how ridiculous his regime is. Without revealing more than the trailers do, the film gets a change of scenery when Admiral General Aladeen loses his power and is stranded as a homeless man in New York City.
The film is flat out funny. Entering the film, I was worried that I had already seen the best moments of the film. Very often, the producers of a film will include every funny moment in the trailers, while striving to bring in larger audiences. A big part of me was worried that I had seen the best SBC had to offer in this film. Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised at how funny the film was from start to finish. While definitely over the top, SBC is a master at situation humor and absolutely nails the genre’s humor. He really touches on every humorous aspect of a dictatorship. While some of the best moments of the film are already included in the trailers, there is still plenty of fresh humor in the film. I also have to commend SBC for not dragging the film out. At an hour and 23 minutes, the film is concise and never has a dull few minutes.
Of course, SBC goes over the top and gets that shock factor that he has built his career on. From the brief male nudity to a very disturbing birth scene, SBC wants to and is successful in shocking the audience. SBC makes fun of every race, sexual orientation, and minority and I am embarrassed to say I laughed every step of the way.
Sex: Very brief male nudity and very crude humor, as inappropriate as they come           
Violence: Little violence, a severed head is shown
Language: Strong Language
Drugs: None
Rated: R
Run time: 83 minutes
Grade: 3.5 Stars

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why The Grey Will Leave You Emotionally Charged.

Once more into the fray.
Into the last good fight I'll ever know.
Live and die on this day.
Live and die on this day.

Though this is months and months overdue, I finally got around to watching The Grey, the action packed thriller with Liam Neeson.  The film was amazingly entertaining and quite riveting. Beautifully directed, the film is startling, thrilling, horrifying, and breath taking all at the same time. I thought it was visually beautiful as well. The film revolves around a bunch of Alaskan oil-rig workers who must survive the Alaskan wilderness after their plane crashes on their trip home. The group of survivors is led by John Ottway (Neeson), a trained killer who worked on the rig to protect the crew from cavernous wolves. When the plane goes down, the survivors must face the brutal conditions of the wilderness, try to maintain their sanity and must escape the pack of wolves that his hunting them down.
This is a true survival story if there ever was one. The group of survivors are broken down and stripped to their very core as they are tested physically and mentally. I thought the film was quite shocking in a good way. Auditory and visual aspects to the film are amazing. Every sound, growl, and snowflake hit you and pulls on your emotions.  Here are a few thoughts on the film.
1)      The film is one of the best survival films in ages. There is a great balance of the emotional and physical aspects of going through something like this. Liam Neeson and the rest of the cast are great and you really see them going through all the stages of emotions from despair, to hope, to grief, and finally submission to the inevitable.
2)      The film is quite graphic. Essentially, you are watching a pack of wolves hunt down this group of survivors one by one. There are numerous attack sequences and yes, all the gore you can imagine. Director Joe Carnahan doesn’t shy away at all from showing the brutality of both the plane crash and the wolf killings. If you cant stomach gore, this film is not for you.
3)      This film is falsely advertised. Without taking anything away from the film, the awesome Neeson vs Wolves trailer we all saw is not the actual film. The film is more a survivalist thriller than action packed kick *ss film. For those of you expecting an entire film of Neeson beating the crap out of some wolves you will be very disappointed.
So again, I loved this film. It was beautiful and stunning. The film is a story about courage, bravery, death and the acceptance of what our lives really mean. This is a must see for anyone who can stomach it.

Sex: None
Violence: Very Violent and Very Gory (you see everything)
Language: Brief Strong Language
Drugs: None
Rated: R
Run time: 78 minutes
Grade: 4 Stars

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why You Should Head to The Movies This Summer.

1.       The Dark Knight Rises
Eight years after Batman took the fall for Two Face's crimes, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy. The final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy is sure to break box office records and is a guaranteed hit. The most anticipated film in years.

2.       Prometheus
Ridley Scott returns to his roots after a nearly 30 year break. Set in the Alien series universe, a team of explorers discovers a clue to the origins of mankind on earth. This sends them on a horrific journey into the scary world that Scott created over 30 years ago. Remember, “In space, no one can hear you scream.”

3.       The Avengers
See Last Weeks Post

4.       Brave
Pixar returns with their first heroin as a young red headed Scottish princess named Merida must defy some customs to save her people. Brave is sure to be a hit at the box office and there will be little girls all over the country loving this film.

5.       Lawless
With a cast like Tom Hardy, Shia LaBeouf, Guy Pearce, and Jessica Chastain, this is sure to be a good movie. Set in the Depression-Era, a bunch of bootlegging, moon shining brothers start a revolt against a new authority in their small town. Hardy shooting and beating people up. It’s going to be a hit. 

6.       Snow White and the Huntsman
You might say to yourself that there is a already Mirror Mirror out there. Don’t worry, Rupert Sanders’ film is a much darker, action packed film. With the likes of Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, people will be packed in to see this one.

7.       The Expendables 2
Don’t underestimate the power of having every single action star of all time in one film. The second installment of Stallone’s life’s work, will surely earn big bucks in the post office. While predictable, the first film was thoroughly entertaining and I expect the second to be the same. Did I mention Chuck Norris is in this film. If you don’t go see it, Chuck Norris will high kick you in the face.

8.       Ted
In his first feature film, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane plays a real life teddy  bear who has to deal with his long time best friend and roommate growing up. Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis and Giovanni Ribisi participate I the film. I sincerely believe this may be the funniest movie of 2012. Go watch the trailer right now.

9.       The Amazing Spider-Man
One of the best selling franchises of all time returns in this reboot starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Watson. In the re-installment, Peter Parker finds a clue as to what happened to his parents and a new twist will bring the super hero to life. This film may outperform its predecessor as it appears the film is taking a darker look at the life of Spider-Man.

10.   The Bourne Legacy
The best selling and blockbuster hit is back in a reboot of the franchise. Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker) replaces Damon as the rouge Agent who operates in the same world as the original Bourne films. The first set of films were amazing and with a strong Renner as the replacement, I am expecting only good things.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Why You Should Be Excited for Summer TV 2012.

Anger Management
Airing on FX starting June 28th, this show is one of the most anticipated shows in years. Charlie Sheen returns to TV in this show loosely based on the 2003 film starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Sheen will take the role Nicholson had, as a former athlete who has overcome his anger management issues and now counsels others.

Breaking Bad
One of the best Dramas ever made comes to end starting July. The 5th and final season is said to be “the craziest one ever”. If you are not a fan of Walter White, you don’t like good TV and in depth characters. Will “the one who knocks” meet his demise or will he come out clean from the drama that has been boiling for three seasons now.
Coming back for its third season starting June 28th, Louis C.K.’s hilarious comedy about his everyday life is sure to be yet another hit. C.K. was named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People for 2012 and his highly anticipated third season is going to be great.

The Newsroom
HBO’s upcoming drama hits TV screens on June 24th and is sure to be a hit. With Aaron Sorkin’s writing and Jeff Daniel’s acting, the TV series about a TV show is sure to be full of drama and be a fantastic hit this summer.

PBS, yet PBS, has a hit on their hands. Returning May 6th, Sherlock comes back to some very happy fans, myself being included. The first season comprised of 3 two hour specials episodes will have the same format this year. The show has quick, intelligent and stylish as a modern day Holmes and Watson solve cases in modern day London.

True Blood
A massive hit already, the 5th season of True Blood hits HBO on June 10th. The Show is widely popular and rumors are that there will be characters both returning and leaving the show this season. Yay, more vampire drama!

Franklin and Bash
Zach Morris is back. June 5th is the return of this funny and very entertaining drama.  The show about two lawyers/best friends is witty and moves more smoothly and less predictably than many lawyer dramas. Mark-Paul Gosselar and Breckin Meyer are awesome in their bromance and I can’t wait for this to come back.

Another fantastic lawyer show is USA’s Suits, returning on June 14th. The show about a big shot lawyer and his amazingly genius not so lawyer associate is an awesome show. The show is kind of a mashup of the Practice and Catch Me if You Can. Like Franklin and Bash, this show has a fantastic supporting cast.

White Collar
One of my favorite shows of the decade begins its final season on July 10th. White Collar is so clever and entertaining I will be sad to see it go. The best part about this show is that the show is constantly moving and brings conclusions to its story lines. Based on the previous season finale, its going to be a great season. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why I Shouldn’t Have to Pitch ‘The Pitch’ to you? (Netflix Jewel #6)

If you are a fan of Mad Men, of fantastic Reality TV, or just a fan of pure real drama, you have to watch The Pitch. The Pitch is a new reality drama from AMC. The show focuses on the high stakes world of advertising agencies. Each episode stands on its own as two different ad agencies are pitted against each other in an attempt to score a huge account. Both companies are given a week to come up with and pitch their ideas to the clients with a winner being announced. This show is simply fantastic. It encompasses all that “ad drama” from Mad Men and throws in a modern day reality spin to it. Each episode is riveting as you see the stages these highs takes ad men go through. From receiving the assignment, to eyeing down their competition, to the struggle of coming up with ideas, to the mad dash of getting the campaign done on time and finally the pitch to the client. These are not some small ad agencies and small clients. We are talking about national brands like Subway and Waste Management.
In my opinion, two fascinating things hit me while watching this show (which is into its first season). The first is that Don Draper lives on. For those of who you don’t watch Mad Men for some reason, I am referring to the 60s and 70s mythical Ad Men. The lead pitchmen and idea guys for these agencies are ruthless. The heads of these firms force their employees to work through the night, even taking away their cell phones. These ruthless leaders of our nation’s top ad agencies walk around like they are gods refusing to smile until they are satisfied with what they hear. I honestly didn’t think these mythical and iconic individuals still existed but I was wrong.
The second thing that really stood out to me was just how creative and quick these people were. Teams of individuals are able to bust out complete ad campaigns and unique and innovative ideas within hours. The entire prep for the actual pitch is only a week long. Without sleep and often food, these creative teams create complete concepts out of thin air with every angle and concern taken care of. What is even more amazing is that they often present numerous ideas to their bosses in case their first attempt fails. And while creative teams are often pitted against each other, we see the ruthlessness amongst them as well.
If you are not impressed then why don’t you just watch the first five minutes of an episode, give yourself a week and see what ideas you come up. There is an additional fascinating thing that caught my eye. It was so interesting how different firms interpret the client’s needs and just how different their concepts were. 
I am done rambling on. If you don’t go watch this show you are stupid and who knows, perhaps the next time you walk into a restaurant or store and see that company’s slogan, you may just start to think about how that concept was created. 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Why The Avengers Was Everything I Wanted.

It is the same story every time I stay up to see a 12am showing of a film the night it opens. After the first hour and a half of sitting on line a certain question always comes to me, is this worth it? As the start time creeps close and my tiredness grows, I start to wonder if this movie will be worth me staying up to 3am in the morning. In the case of The Avengers, the answer is emphatically yes.
The Avengers is one of those films that you must see for so many reasons. The culmination of over 5 films, The Avengers is a perfect continuation of the successful 5 super hero films on which it is based. For those of you who don’t know, The Avengers is a group of superheroes that gets together to save the world. The group’s main stars are Iron Man, The Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. If you saw a majority of these other films, obviously you need to see this one.
When I am looking for a good comic book film, there are three types of moments that make the film good.
1.       Good movie moments
2.       Funny moments
3.       Comic book moments
The Avengers is successful in conquering all three of these areas. The film is a jam packed action adventure that will keep you laughing and wanting more. For those of you who are real comic book fans, Director Joss Whedon gives you all those “omg that is just like the comic book” moments.  Whedon does a fantastic job balances all the different personalities and is able to give each super hero his/her own moment to shine. The film is very good in balancing the superhero action and the comedic humor and fun nature of comic books. The story of the film revolves around The Avengers, the organized group of superheroes led by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). The team is made up of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), The Hulk ( Mark Ruffalo) Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). The team must defeat Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor’s brother who plans on opening a portal form his world to Earth in order to bring an army of evil looking creatures.
While there are so many stars in the film, there were only a few stars of the film. The Hulk and Iron Man highlighted this jam packed cast. Iron Man’s Tony Stark is one of the wittiest and “love to hate” characters in the last 20 years. Downey Jr. is as charming as they come and he pretty much steals every scene he was in. The surprising other star was that of the Hulk.  Mark Ruffalo is always good but it is the big scary green monster that steals the show. The Hulk is not only the action star of the film but he provides numerous instances of laugh out loud humor (albeit without saying a word- or does he?!?!?!).
The supporting cast is excellent and everyone including Jackson, Johansson and Renner are stellar in their supporting roles. A surprising break out star is Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) the fan favorite Avengers Agent who has appeared in all the preceding films. 
There are some superhero movies that can be passed on (see the Green Lantern) but there are others that should be seen. This is one of them.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why the MTV Challenge Needs to Come Back Sooner.

I can’t imagine someone existing without knowing what the MTV Challenge is but for those of you who don’t know, I shall explain. Originally called Real World/Road Rules Challenge, this is a reality television game spun off a combination of MTV’s hit shows The Real World and Road Rules. The show consists of cast members being joined in teams and participating in weekly challenges in order to win money. The contestants all live in one big house in some foreign country and are faced with the physical and mental challenge of living with a bunch of crazy people.
The show has truly developed over the years and has gone through many versions including All Stars, Battle of the Seasons, The Inferno I, II, and III, Battle of the Exes, Fresh Meat, and more.
Now its in 22nd season, the challenge began when two Real World Casts were introduced to each other and asked to compete in a challenge for cash prizes.  Today, the Challenge has become one of the highest rated TV shows on the planet. There are two major parts to the show: the Cast and the Challenges.
The Cast
The Cast mostly consists of 20-30 year olds who spend all year training and working out for these challenges. These people are just muscle packed, sexually frustrated, and alcoholic young adults who will do anything, and I mean anything, for some money and fame. With almost two seasons every calendar, the cast is often the same and like any amazing show, there is quite the funny cast of characters. There are cliques, popular people, and strategists. The social game is almost as difficult as the physical game. While you can earn your own immunity, team/players are often voted in. So basically, being popular helps. The cast parties every night, sleeps with each other, pulls some of the best pranks you will see on reality TV, and puts their bodies through excruciating pain just for a few thousand dollars.
Some worthy characters worth knowing:

Johnny Devenanzio- 8 season -4 wins- $266,543 in winnings.
Johnny is the bad boy of the Challenge. He is part of the cool clique and is not afraid to make enemies. He began his first few challenges with early exists, as is the case with many rookies. But Johnny has proven to be the Challenge’s greatest champion ever.

Kenny Santucci- 8 seasons -3 wins- $236,293 in winnings.
Mr. Beautiful is one of the most popular characters ever. He is one of the stars who has brought the Challenge to new heights. Santucci is widely considered the best finale player of all time. He is a physical beast and also part of the crew that has dominated the last 10 challenges.

Evelyn Smith-7 seasons- 3 wins- $167,000 in winnings.
Ev is without a doubt the biggest female force in challenge history. With 3 wins and countless elimination wins, she is feared every time she steps up to the competition. Famous for being the first person to stand up to the Crew, Ev sold out in some eyes but I don’t think she cares as she sits at home with $176K.

Darrell Taylor-6 seasons- 4 wins- $240,555.
Darrell was the greatest champion ever before and unfortunate fight. Darrell won $240K over his first four challenges in which he went undefeated. In only his fifth challenge he was on pace to win an astonishing $150K before in a drunken act, punched his best friend in the face and was kicked off the show. Still his challenge record stands for itself as one of the best ever.

Rachel Robinson—7 seasons, 2 wins- $135,555.
Rachel is the original female dominating challenge member. She was absolutely dominant, often treated as a guy since she was so good in the challenge. Rachel was big before the challenge got big but her legacy remains.

Chris “CT” Taburello- 8 Seasons- 0 wins- $73,500 in winnings.
CT is the most infamous challenge contestant ever. He is responsible for both the most beautiful and scary moments in challenge history. The latter took place when he attacked a much younger cast mate for”talking about him”. He almost killed the other member and as 6 other men were needed to restrain him, he famously yelled, “I want to smash his head and eat it.” This was a far cry from the beautiful moment when he fell in love with Cancer-patient-in-recovery Diem and shared one of the sweetest kisses in reality TV history.  CT is the most physically impressive cast member ever. No male wants to face CT in any challenge, let alone a hand to hand combat.

The Challenges
The challenges themselves are absolutely amazing. Whether it is climbing a structure 500 feet in the air while trying to collect flags or running 2 miles after eating an entire cake, the show never ceases to come up with crazy and inventive new challenges. But nothing compares to the elimination challenges and finales. The Elimination challenges are often given a cool name like the Dome, the Inferno, the Duel, and the classic Gauntlet. These are final elimination challenges where the cast members fight for a chance to stay in the game. Some of these are puzzle challenges or require mini marathons to be run. But nothing compares to some of the crazy hand-to-hand combat challenges that go down. Imagine if two UFC cage fighters played steal the bacon. Ya it’s that awesome.
The Final challenges are simply inhumane. These are 14 mile marathons, through jungles, up mountains and across rivers. The members are asked to complete tasks along the way while trying to avoid passing out. Watch one of these final challenges and you will instantly gain a respect for these people.
Point is go back and watch 22 seasons then watch them again. I simply love the MTV Challenge.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Why You Can Never Count A Playoff Team Out. (The Greatest Comebacks)

·         1995 NBA Eastern Conference Semis: Indiana 107, NY 105
Arguably the craziest 16.4 seconds in sports history, Reggie Miller helped his Pacers, who were down by 6 with 16.4 seconds left, come back against the rival NY Knicks. Down by 6, Reggie drained a three only to instantaneously steal the inbound pass, retreat behind the line, and knock down another one. After John Starks missed two potential go-ahead free throws, Miller got fouled after pulling the rebound. He hit the two shots as the Pacer comeback was complete. Spike Lee still cries about it.
·         2000 NBA Western Conference Finals: Lakers 89, Portland 84
With elimination at stake and the strong but troubled Trail Blazers up 15 points in the 4th quarter, the Lakers mounted a remarkable comeback. Led by Kobe and Shaq, the Lakers went on a 25-4 run to end the game. The comeback was highlighted by the now classic highlight of an Alley-oop from Kobe to Shaq. The Lakers went on to sweep the Pacers and the newest dynasty was born.
·         2002 NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Boston 94, New Jersey 90
Before the big three, Paul Pierce was the lone star for the Celtics who made the largest 4th quarter comeback ever. Down 21 points to start the fourth, the Celtics outscored the Nets 41-16 in the final quarter for the 4 point win.

·         1993 NFL AFC Wildcard: Buffalo 41, Houston 38
In what many call the greatest comeback in sports history; the Buffalo Bills overcame a 32 point deficit to beat the Houston Oilers. Down 35-3 in the third quarter, the Bills were down and out, especially with star QB Jim Kelly being knocked out early in the game. But with backup QB Frank Reich at the helm, the Bills led a remarkable comeback to defeat the oilers in overtime.
·         1992 NHL Divisional Semifinal: Kings 6, Oilers 5
With the best player of all time, Wayne Gretzky, the Oilers led 5-0 before the Kings amazingly scored 6 unanswered goals to win 6-5 in overtime. The win is all the more stunning considering who was on the heavily favored Oilers. LA took a 2-1 series lead and paved the way for their first round upset of the Oilers. The game became known as the “Miracle on Manchester.”
·         2011 NHL Divisional Round: Sharks 6, Kings 5
The kings were not lucky this time as they blew a 4-0 lead against the Sharks who came back to force overtime before winning the game 6-5. The Sharks were able to use the momentum and take the series 4-2.
·         1972 NFL NFC Divisional Round: Cowboys 30, 49ers 28
After falling behind 28-13 going into the fourth quarter, starting QB Craig Morton was benched for backup Roger Staubach who led a 17 unanswered point comeback to shock the 49ers. With less than two minutes left, Staubach threw a 20 yard touchdown. After recovering the onside kick, Staubach hit Ron Sellers for the game winning score with 52 seconds left.
·         2002 NFL AFC Divisional Round: Steelers 36, Browns 33
With a seventeen point lead in the second half, the Browns were poised for a playoff win over the rival Steelers. But QB Tommy Maddox led the Steelers to 29 second half points including the go ahead TD with 54 seconds left in the game. Maddox’s 367 yards and 3 touchdowns surprised everyone but no one more than the Browns who suffered another franchise devastating loss.

·         2002 NFL NFC Divisional Round: 49ers 39, Giants 38
The 49ers scored 25 unanswered second half points to top the NY Giants. Led by Jeff Garcia and T.O., the 49ers mounted an awesome comeback with a go ahead TD pass from Garcia to T.O. The Giants did have a chance when they lined up for a 41 yard game winning field goal. Unfortunately, the newly acquired long snapper botched the snap and the kicker attempted a down field pass but it fell incomplete. There was plenty of controversy as it appeared there was interference on the lineman down field but it was ruled that there was an illegal man downfield, thus capping the 49er comeback.

·         2003 MLB NLCS: Marlins 8, Cubs 3
The curse of the Billy Goat lives on. In game 6 of the NLCS, with the Cubs needing only one more win to make the World Series, the Cubs were ahead 3-0 with one out in the 8th when Marlin Luis Castillo lofted a foul ball down the left field line. Cubs outfielder, Moises Alou appeared to have room for the catch but a fan interfered causing Alou to drop the ball. Castillo then walked and two batters later, the Cubs shortstop bobbled a potential double play ball. The Marlins went on to score 8 runs to win game 6. The Marlins ending up winning game 7 by a score of 9-6 as the Cubs were once again left wondering what could have been.
·         2004 MLB ALCS: Red Sox 6, Yankees 4
Not only was this the greatest series comeback ever, game 4 was also one of the greatest single game comebacks ever. The Yankees had dominated the Redsox in the first three games of the series by a combined score of 32-16. The Yankees were leaded Boston 4-3 going into the 9th with the series in the hands of the invincible Mariano Rivera. But the Sox staged a comeback when after pinch runner David Roberts stole second, Bill Mueller singled off Rivera to tie the game. David Ortiz than finished the comeback with a two run walk off in the 12th.