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Monday, July 30, 2012

Why There Are Plenty Of Movies To Get You In The Olympic Mood.

I love the Olympics and I love Olympic movies even more. A great Olympic movie needs to pull at your strings, have some great sports moments, and of course make you feel proud for those performing.

10. Without Limits
This excellent film starring Billy Crudup focuses on the life of Steven Prefontaine, the famed marathon runner whose life was cut short. Prefontaine is almost a mythical Olympian at this point. This 1998 film also starring Donald Sutherland as his famous coach Bill Bowerman is a good film but still not the best Prefontaine film on the list.   
9. The Jesse Owens Story
Jesse Owens has to be one of the greatest American Olympians ever. This film focuses on Jesse’s underdog story and is a solid portrayal of Owen’s life on and off the Track and Field. Not the greatest Olympic film but definitely worth a watch. The documentary/drama even won an Emmy award.

8. The Cutting Edge
I know it may be sappy but I loved this film. Moira Kelly (Everyone Loves Raymond) gives a great performance as a stuck up privileged ice skater who must find a doubles partner to win Gold. She finds D.B. Sweeney, an unlikely partner, as he is a former hockey player who left the game due to an injury. The couples back and forth makes the film and I promise you will leave this film screaming, “Toe-Pick!”

7. Munich
This powerful film follows the story of the Munich Massacre in which the Israeli Olympians were brutally murdered. The film is more about what happens after the Olympics then the events themselves but this Spielberg classic is still a must watch. With a fantastic cast, this won’t be a film you will forget soon.

6. Blades of Glory
What could possibly be better than Will Ferrell in a film about Olympic ice skaters? In one of his more underrated films, Chad Michael Michaels gives a great performance as Ferrell makes complete fun of everything related to the Ice Skating world. A hysterical film, one that will surely have you loving the Olympics and laughing the next time you see a pair of ice skaters in ridiculous costumes.

5. Prefontaine
As mentioned, here is the real Prefontaine film. Jared Leto plays the Olympic runner who died at the age of 24 of a car accident. He lived a fascinating life and both films will give you a great look into the pressure and life of a troubled Olympian.

4. D2- Mighty Ducks
Gordon Bombay is back to coach the under 18 team USA hockey team in this follow up to the hit Mighty Ducks. This film is awesome, amazingly funny and classic and will forever be having you hate Iceland.

3. Chariots of Fire
Many consider this the best Olympic movie ever. This fantastic film follows two British runners who compete in the 1924 Summer Olympics. The film follows the lives of the Jewish Harold Abraham and Christian Eric Lidell and was a multiple Oscar winner including winner of Best Picture. A must see film.

2. Cool Runnings
A Kolb-Family favorite, this film shows the true story about the Jamaican bobsled team that shocked the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics. John Candy, Doug E Doug star in this film. The film will have you laughing out loud and will have you chanting with the Jamaicans because its “Bobsled time”!!!!

1. Miracle
In my opinion there is no debate. Miracle, the beautifully done Disney film about the 1980 US Mens Hockey team who as David, defeated the Goliath Russians in what many call the greatest sports moment of the last century. The film is amazingly cast; highlighted by Kurt Russell’s portrayal of controversial coach Herb Brooks. This film will have you tearing and on the edge of you seat chanting USA! USA! The climax of the film is amazing and you will be begging for the Olympics when the credits roll.

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  1. See this - 21% of people polled said Cool Runnings was the best "olympic themed movie"