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Monday, July 16, 2012

Why Going Back to Camp Brought Back Awesome Memories.

As I was sitting in five hours of traffic coming home from upstate NY I began thinking. After visiting my 3rd camp of the day, I was reminiscing about how much I love camp and about how much I loved camp movies. So I thought it would be an interesting point of presenting some of the best camp movies ever.

This is one of the most underrated of Ben Stiller’s films. Stiller plays a hilarious fitness guru who takes over a boys’ “fat camp” and institutes a crazy weight-loss program for the not-so-compliant campers. This under-the-radar Disney film shows us what we love the most about Camp and Ben Stiller comedies.

One of the earliest camp classics, this Bill Murray directed film is a raunchy yet hilarious camp flick. Murray plays a goofy counselor who helps his campers enjoy the craziness of Camp North Star. This is the film that everyone thinks of when they think of camp. Murray puts up an amazing performance and in the early 1980s was the ideal counselor every camper dreamed of.

Camp Nowhere-1994
Without a doubt, this is my favorite camp movie ever. Four kids who are angrily forced to go to individual camps, decide instead to design their own camp.  Christopher Lloyd plays the fake Camp Director when needed and supports the crew of misfits. When the secret gets out, an entire population of kids joins the camp and insanity ensues. The film is fun, entertaining and quite fantastical. You will love it.

The Parent Trap- 1998
Before Lindsay Lohan was a train wreck, she was an adorable little girl who played both title roles in this film. Though only part of the film takes place at a camp, those few moments remind us of some of the best parts of camp, sports, raids and meeting new friends. I actually remember in camp discussing some of the pranks pulled in this movie when I was back in camp. There were certainly some great camp moments in this one.


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