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Monday, July 9, 2012

Why Roger Federer is still the King of Grass.

For those of you who missed it over the weekend, Roger Federer put on a display for the ages. The almost 31 year old beat the #1 player in the world Novak Djokavic in the Semi-finals and then convincingly beat Andy Murray in the Finals to capture his 7th Wimbledon Title and 17th overall major championship. In the process, Federer reclaimed the #1 ranking in the world, something he has not laid claim to in over 2 years. Most critics, including myself had just thought that the greatest tennis player of all time was finally over the hill and that I may never see Federer win another major championship. With the likes of Novak and Rafael Nadal around, Federer had fallen to the #3 player in the world and was struggling to just make the finals of these majors. But in the 2012 season, Federer has regained some of his swagger. With very few bad loses throughout the season, Federer has been building a great resume in 2012. His consistently solid performances (rarely misses a semi-final of any tournament) and the win in London has propelled Roger back to the #1 spot in the world. Roger is truly amazing. His natural movement on the court is something to admire. He makes every shot, every glide, and every drop shot look easy. Roger never breaks a sweat and maintains his composure at all times. I have always been of the opinion that Roger Federer is the most composed, poised and cool, calm and collected athlete in the world. He is the classiest of all champions. Never making a face, never boasting to his competitor, never complaining about calls, never grimacing after a bad shot; Roger is the true gentleman.
With all his critics saying he is done, Federer stepped it up at his home, the grass court of Wimbledon.  He went all 2005 on Novak and made Novak, the #1 player in the world, seem tired and out of shape. Roger never lost his cool and made his opponents fight for every point. In the finals, with the entire nation of Great Britain rooting for Andy Murray, Federer never said a word. With nothing more than a killer serve and the occasional fist pump, Federer was unwavering in his 4 set win.
With the win Federer just reminded us how amazing he is and why he is the greatest player of all time. With Novak and Rafael dominating the last few years and a more up and comers on the verge, Roger gave us a small reminder of how he truly is the King of Grass.

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