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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Even Us Men Can Enjoy A Good Chick Flick.

Guys, have you thought to yourself that it would be great if there were some good chick flicks out there that we could enjoy and make our significant others happy by watching. Well I am your savior. Here are some of the best chick flicks ever that I think even some guys would enjoy. And for you ladies reading this, I am sure you have DVDs of all these movies. If I have forgotten anything, please feel free to let me know.

Miss Congeniality
After The Blind Side, there is no guy that doesn’t love Sanda Bullock. Girls love her goofiness and guys love her attitude. Watching a manish Bullock drop her gun for high heels in this film makes it a classic.  

Sixteen Candles
This 80s classic is a must watch for every boy and girl. Though we may not all relate to this classic, every girl who grew up dreaming of their first dance will absolutely love this one.

Dirty Dancing 
This is one of the most iconic and cliché chick flicks of all time. The music is arguably one of the best soundtracks ever and the dancing is awesome as well. The film has drama, comedy and every classic moment that makes a chick flick great.

When Harry Met Sally 
Bringing the question of Platonic relationships into question, every girl and every guy can love this film. Its cute and funny and was filmed right next to my sisters apartment. There are so many classic scenes from the flick, especially one crazy one involving Meg Ryan in a restaurant.

The Devil Wears Prada
I personally loved this film which gave Anne Hathaway her first big break. Meryl Streep puts on a performance for the ages and the two stars produce a great yet original chick flick. There is plenty of humor here and yet the ferocious Streep will win over any guy.

10 Things I Hate About You
Guys, Heath Ledger is in this movie; it should already be in your Netflix queue.   This was one of the first in a stream of awesome 90s chick flicks. It takes all the classic boy-girl, sex, prom, high school clichés and pulls it off beautifully. Plus you see the Joker sing “I Love You Baby”!

Bridget Jones’ Diary 
This modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice is every girl’s favorite. Diaries, love interests, New Year resolutions and of course Colin Firth/Hugh Grant. Every girl and will love this film.

Pretty Woman 
One of the best chick flicks ever, this film originally called “Three Thousand” (the amount for one night with the lady) features a youthful Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Who would have thought a hooker and a sleazy businessman would produce one of the best check flicks ever. Guys and girls alike can enjoy this classic film.

Moulin Rouge
This is not only one of my favorite chick flicks ever, its one of my favorite movies. Ewen McGreggor and Nicole Kidman are stunning in this dark musical taking place in the famous Paris brothel. The music is a mix of contemporary and classic music and the fantastical feel to the film along with the beautiful love story make this one of the best ever.

Mean Girls
There is no denying it, we all loved this movie. Everything from the goofiness to the ridiculous Plastics, this film became an instant classic. Lohan actually gives a good performance and though we all deny it, we all have a little mean girl in us.

I remember when I first saw this film. I was visiting the Faber’s at the Nevelee hotel over Pesach and we watched this film. Though it has some darkness to it, the love story is quite beautiful and the film has an awesome balance of drama, laughter and sweetness. No one will ever view pottery making the same.

The greatest love story ever told, Rose and Jack will forever live in the lore of Cinema. The sweetness of their romance surrounded by the beautifully crafted disaster of Titanic produced one of the most iconic films and greatest love stories ever.

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