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Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Sons Of Anarchy Is Moving Up On MY List Of All-Time Shows.

I was skeptical just like you are right now. A show about a biker gang? Can this really be that good? To that I answer Yes!!!!!!!! This show is awesome and amazing and riveting. Essentially, the show is about a biker group named the Sons of Anarchy who are the founding chapter of a West Coast chain of bikers. Owning a repair shop on the surface, the group actually smuggles and sells firearms. The gun-running bikers must deal with everything from internal club struggles, to the prosecuting IFA, to rival gangs. The show and its characters are riveting, intriguing and mostly consist of anti-heroes. These bikers murder, steal and beat up people but yet you still love them. The music and soundtrack is really amazing as serves the show perfectly. But the real star of the show is actually the stars of the show.

The SOA is led by Clay Morrow, an “original 9” member of the group who has become the undeniable leader of the gang and serves as its President. Clay is played by Ron Perlman (Blade II, Hellboy). Perlman brings a grittiness and wise-man attitude to the role and you just always feel like there is something in his past you should know but don’t. He is 1000% devoted to the group and is willing to do things others are not for the safety of his brothers.
Clay is married to Gema Teller Morrow  played brilliantly by Katey Sagal. Segal is best known for her hysterical role as the wife of Ted Bundy on Married With Children. Sagal in my opinion is the real star of the show. She gives you a different performance than you have ever seen as the “Old Lady” of the gang.  With her hands in all the clubs activity, Gema is the backbone and heart of the group. Her character sacrifices everything for the success of the group and she steals many of the most emotional scenes.

The advertised and actual star of the show is Jackson “Jax” Teller. Born to infamous John Teller and Gema, he is essentially raised in the group by Clay and Gema. He has become the groups VP and perhaps the smartest, most strategic and morally centered person on the show. The show truly revolves around Jax as he struggles with his loyalty for the club and his desire (and his father’s desire) to get out of the dangerous gun-running life. His renewed relationship with Dr. Tara Knowles, helps Jax keep his moral center. But don’t be fooled by his sweet baby face and long hair, Jax can be ruthless when he needs to be and when he gets crossed. Thankfully for the audience, he gets screwed quite often.

The rest of the supporting cast is amazing. Mark Boone Junior (Bobby Elvis) is awesome as the wise best friend, Kim Coate (Tig) is that club member who will do anything and everything, and Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) is mr. old reliable. A breakout star in the show is Ryan Hurst as Opie. Hurst for those of you who recognize him, played Gerry Bertier in the awesome Remember the Titans. Hurst is Jax’s best friend and another morally centered member of the club. He is asked a lot out of the role and thankfully Hurst is up to the task. Even a part time role by Ally Walker (The Profiler) as agent June Stahl just helps you recognize how good the acting in this show is.
Basically, this show is awesome, check it out!

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