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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Trivia!!!!!!

This actor is a master of all villainy.
This director loves to go fast.
This movie is illegal in nine countries.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Why There Are Plenty Of Movies To Get You In The Olympic Mood.

I love the Olympics and I love Olympic movies even more. A great Olympic movie needs to pull at your strings, have some great sports moments, and of course make you feel proud for those performing.

10. Without Limits
This excellent film starring Billy Crudup focuses on the life of Steven Prefontaine, the famed marathon runner whose life was cut short. Prefontaine is almost a mythical Olympian at this point. This 1998 film also starring Donald Sutherland as his famous coach Bill Bowerman is a good film but still not the best Prefontaine film on the list.   
9. The Jesse Owens Story
Jesse Owens has to be one of the greatest American Olympians ever. This film focuses on Jesse’s underdog story and is a solid portrayal of Owen’s life on and off the Track and Field. Not the greatest Olympic film but definitely worth a watch. The documentary/drama even won an Emmy award.

8. The Cutting Edge
I know it may be sappy but I loved this film. Moira Kelly (Everyone Loves Raymond) gives a great performance as a stuck up privileged ice skater who must find a doubles partner to win Gold. She finds D.B. Sweeney, an unlikely partner, as he is a former hockey player who left the game due to an injury. The couples back and forth makes the film and I promise you will leave this film screaming, “Toe-Pick!”

7. Munich
This powerful film follows the story of the Munich Massacre in which the Israeli Olympians were brutally murdered. The film is more about what happens after the Olympics then the events themselves but this Spielberg classic is still a must watch. With a fantastic cast, this won’t be a film you will forget soon.

6. Blades of Glory
What could possibly be better than Will Ferrell in a film about Olympic ice skaters? In one of his more underrated films, Chad Michael Michaels gives a great performance as Ferrell makes complete fun of everything related to the Ice Skating world. A hysterical film, one that will surely have you loving the Olympics and laughing the next time you see a pair of ice skaters in ridiculous costumes.

5. Prefontaine
As mentioned, here is the real Prefontaine film. Jared Leto plays the Olympic runner who died at the age of 24 of a car accident. He lived a fascinating life and both films will give you a great look into the pressure and life of a troubled Olympian.

4. D2- Mighty Ducks
Gordon Bombay is back to coach the under 18 team USA hockey team in this follow up to the hit Mighty Ducks. This film is awesome, amazingly funny and classic and will forever be having you hate Iceland.

3. Chariots of Fire
Many consider this the best Olympic movie ever. This fantastic film follows two British runners who compete in the 1924 Summer Olympics. The film follows the lives of the Jewish Harold Abraham and Christian Eric Lidell and was a multiple Oscar winner including winner of Best Picture. A must see film.

2. Cool Runnings
A Kolb-Family favorite, this film shows the true story about the Jamaican bobsled team that shocked the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics. John Candy, Doug E Doug star in this film. The film will have you laughing out loud and will have you chanting with the Jamaicans because its “Bobsled time”!!!!

1. Miracle
In my opinion there is no debate. Miracle, the beautifully done Disney film about the 1980 US Mens Hockey team who as David, defeated the Goliath Russians in what many call the greatest sports moment of the last century. The film is amazingly cast; highlighted by Kurt Russell’s portrayal of controversial coach Herb Brooks. This film will have you tearing and on the edge of you seat chanting USA! USA! The climax of the film is amazing and you will be begging for the Olympics when the credits roll.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Tisha Biav is a Time to Reflect.

As Tisha Biav approaches, here are some amazing films that will have you in the right mindset for the upcoming fast. These are all very moving and emotional films and are widely watched on this perspective day.

Operation Thunderbolt
This 1977 film is an intense thriller about the real life daring rescue of 104 passengers from a hijacked plane in Entebbe, Uganda. One of the most amazing and daring rescues in the history of the world, this event in Jewish history was a true miracle and the film will surely have you in the proper mindset on this intense day.

Diary of Anne Frank
Every Jewish person should see this film. Obviously based on the true real life story the film follows a young Dutch girl who hid from the invading Nazis during WWII. There is drama, intensity and heart breaking moments as the Frank family struggles to survive. This movie will surely have you thinking.

Schindler’s List
Many consider this one of the best movies ever made. Steven Spielberg brilliantly tells us the story of Oscar Schindler; a man who helped save thousands of Jews during the Holocaust by having them work in his factories as opposed to serving time in camps. The film is moving and horrifying in its brutality and reality. The cast really pulls you in and has you believing in the nightmare that was the holocaust and the triumph of those heroes who saved our forefathers.

Triumph of the Spirit
This little known film is an interesting film about the life of a Jewish Boxer (William Dafoe) who survives Auschwitz by fighting in boxing exhibitions at the will of the Nazis. Dafoe gives a great performance and the film focuses on the lives of Jews in concentration camps.

Life is Beautiful
Roberto Benigni (Guido) gives one of the best performances of the last 50 years in this Oscar winning WWII film. After his family is imprisoned in a concentration camp, Guido goes to elaborate lengths to keep his son from understanding the truth of their situation. He tells the boy that they are competing with others to win an armored tank -- so everything from food shortages to tattoos is explained as necessary for participation in the contest. A truly fantastic film.

The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas
One of the more controversial holocaust films, this book turned movie focuses on an amazing story of friendship as the son of a Nazi commander becomes good friends with a Jewish boy in a concentration camp. This film will definitely pull at your heart-strings; it’s a very well made film.

The Counterfeiters
I really loved this film. The movie (also based on a book) focuses on the life of Salomon Sorowitsch (Karl Markovics), a very talented artist who gets into the counterfeit world. After being arrested by the Nazis, Salomon is put in charge of a Nazi counterfeit project in which his producing of fake money help fund the Nazi causes. Salomon is not sure if he should help the Nazis, sabotage their efforts, or focus on saving lives. The moral struggle in this film is fascinating. This was an Oscar winner for Best Foreign Film.

Based on the true story of the Bielski brothers, this film follows the lives of a group of Eastern European Jews who are forced to live and survive in the forest to escape death at the hands of the Nazis. The group of Jews launch a desperate fight to survive both mentally and physically as they are pushed to the brink of their threshold. With a star studded cast including Daniel Craig, Liev Schreiber and Jamie Bell, the film is very well made and shows us the different struggle each person of the resistant went through.

Escape from Sobibor
This 1987 film portrays an amazing story of an escape from the Treblinka death camp. The films intensity and nervous moments are truly awesome. As the planned escape comes to a crescendo, the film will have you on the edge of your seat, hoping the escape works out.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why Even Us Men Can Enjoy A Good Chick Flick.

Guys, have you thought to yourself that it would be great if there were some good chick flicks out there that we could enjoy and make our significant others happy by watching. Well I am your savior. Here are some of the best chick flicks ever that I think even some guys would enjoy. And for you ladies reading this, I am sure you have DVDs of all these movies. If I have forgotten anything, please feel free to let me know.

Miss Congeniality
After The Blind Side, there is no guy that doesn’t love Sanda Bullock. Girls love her goofiness and guys love her attitude. Watching a manish Bullock drop her gun for high heels in this film makes it a classic.  

Sixteen Candles
This 80s classic is a must watch for every boy and girl. Though we may not all relate to this classic, every girl who grew up dreaming of their first dance will absolutely love this one.

Dirty Dancing 
This is one of the most iconic and cliché chick flicks of all time. The music is arguably one of the best soundtracks ever and the dancing is awesome as well. The film has drama, comedy and every classic moment that makes a chick flick great.

When Harry Met Sally 
Bringing the question of Platonic relationships into question, every girl and every guy can love this film. Its cute and funny and was filmed right next to my sisters apartment. There are so many classic scenes from the flick, especially one crazy one involving Meg Ryan in a restaurant.

The Devil Wears Prada
I personally loved this film which gave Anne Hathaway her first big break. Meryl Streep puts on a performance for the ages and the two stars produce a great yet original chick flick. There is plenty of humor here and yet the ferocious Streep will win over any guy.

10 Things I Hate About You
Guys, Heath Ledger is in this movie; it should already be in your Netflix queue.   This was one of the first in a stream of awesome 90s chick flicks. It takes all the classic boy-girl, sex, prom, high school clichés and pulls it off beautifully. Plus you see the Joker sing “I Love You Baby”!

Bridget Jones’ Diary 
This modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice is every girl’s favorite. Diaries, love interests, New Year resolutions and of course Colin Firth/Hugh Grant. Every girl and will love this film.

Pretty Woman 
One of the best chick flicks ever, this film originally called “Three Thousand” (the amount for one night with the lady) features a youthful Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. Who would have thought a hooker and a sleazy businessman would produce one of the best check flicks ever. Guys and girls alike can enjoy this classic film.

Moulin Rouge
This is not only one of my favorite chick flicks ever, its one of my favorite movies. Ewen McGreggor and Nicole Kidman are stunning in this dark musical taking place in the famous Paris brothel. The music is a mix of contemporary and classic music and the fantastical feel to the film along with the beautiful love story make this one of the best ever.

Mean Girls
There is no denying it, we all loved this movie. Everything from the goofiness to the ridiculous Plastics, this film became an instant classic. Lohan actually gives a good performance and though we all deny it, we all have a little mean girl in us.

I remember when I first saw this film. I was visiting the Faber’s at the Nevelee hotel over Pesach and we watched this film. Though it has some darkness to it, the love story is quite beautiful and the film has an awesome balance of drama, laughter and sweetness. No one will ever view pottery making the same.

The greatest love story ever told, Rose and Jack will forever live in the lore of Cinema. The sweetness of their romance surrounded by the beautifully crafted disaster of Titanic produced one of the most iconic films and greatest love stories ever.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Adam Scott’s Implosion at the Open Championship is in an Elite League.

Adam Scott went to the 15th tee of the Open Championship with a 4 shot lead over Ernie Els. On his way to the first Major of his career, Scott imploded with 4 bogeys on the final four holes. Els scored a beautiful birdie on the 18th hole and when Scott’s par put went wide left on the final hole, Els stole the major from Scott. Scott was great all week but even Stevie Williams could save him here. Let’s look at some of the worst collapses in sports history.

Boston Massacre
The term "Boston Massacre" was used to refer to a season-changing weekend when the Yankees swept Boston at Fenway Park to help erase a 7.5 game Boston lead with 32 games remaining. After the sweep the Sox lost 14 of 17. To save some grace they were able to win their final eight games to force a one-game playoff at Yankee Stadium. Sadly the Yankees and Bucky Dent continued Boston’s misery as  Dent’s homerun sent the Sox packing.

Lifeless Tigers
Last year, 2011 was one to forget for the Detroit. The Tigers were in first place from May 10 until the final day of the season. They led Minnesota by three games with four to play and somehow didn't make the playoffs. The Twins beat the Tigers with four days remaining then swept the Royals while Detroit won just one of its final three. This all set up a one-game playoff in Minnesota where the Tigers actually led in the 10th inning before losing to the Twins in 12th.

Houston We Have A Problem
The 1993 AFC Wild Card game may be one of the best comebacks ever but is also one of the biggest meltdowns as well. Up 35-3 at half, the Oilers seemingly played prevent defense the entire second half, making Bills backup QB Frank Reich look like Joe Montana. The Oilers lost 41-38 in OT, and the franchise never recovered from the devastating loss.

Not So Masterful
The 1996 had to have been in Adam Scott’s mind while he blew the Tournament. Greg Norman was a great golfer but in 1996, Norman entered the final day of the Masters with a six-stroke lead over Nick Faldo. Then in shocking fashion, Norman shot a horrifying 78 while Faldo shot a 67 to win the green jacket by five strokes.

Billy Goat Lives On
We all watched the 2003 NLCS game 6 and expected the Cubs to finally make the World Series. Sadly the Marlins had other plans. Five outs away from ending the game while leading 3-0 in the top of the eighth, Moises Alou attempted to catch a foul ball before Steve Bartman interfered with the play causing Alou to drop the ball. The Cubs then gave up eight runs in the inning, lost Game 7 the next day and disappeared into baseball oblivion.

British Disaster
Adam Scott joined Norman and Jean Van De Velde. At the 1999 British Open Van de Velde had a three shot lead going into the final hole. Van De Velde sadly hit it into the rough, then the water, then the sand to card a triple bogey seven. Velde then lost in a tiebreaker, ending the greatest one hole collapse in golf history.

A Bronx Riot
The 3-0 comeback for the Red Sox in 2004 was also a Yankee collapse. From pitching to poor hitting, the once World Series bound Yankees, seemed almost destined to lose 4 straight to the Red Sox. Especially vs their biggest rivals, this was one of the darkest moments in Yankee history.

Beware The Beckham
Bayern Munich can still taste the 1999 Champions League Final. Sadly fate would see it differently that night in Barcelona. The German club led Manchester United 1-0 in injury time. With three minutes left to become champs of Europe MU’s David Beckham sent two corner kicks that led to two goals. United stole the title 2-1 and Bayern Munich still is not over it.

 A Quarter Away
Rookie driver JR Hildebrand was a quarter lap away from winning the 2011 Indianapolis 500. Sadly he crashed his car on the final turn, gift-wrapping a win for Dan Wheldon. Well, don’t worry, JR, it was only the 100th anniversary of the Indy 500. No big deal. Hildebrand was able to nudge his destroyed ride across the finish line for second place, an impressive feat by any measure.

The Babe Lives On
The 2011 Red Sox can only be compared to the 2011 Detroit Tigers.  The Sox led Tamba by 9 games in September. Later in the month they only needed to beat the last place Orioles just to force a one-game playoff for the wild card. Unfortunately, with the Babe watching from above, the Sox were leading 3-2 in the 9th inning but gave up two runs, ending one of the biggest collapses in baseball history. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Why The Dark Knight Rises Was That Good.

If you are reading this then you have no doubt spent countless hours reading about and anticipating Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy ending film, The Dark Knight Rises. Before attending the 12:01 IMAX showing all I heard about was how there was no way this film could live up to expectations. I now strongly and proudly can say that this movie lived up to the expectations; it was awesome.
A very brief synopsis: 8 years after Batman took the fall for Harvey Dent’s killing spree, Batman has disappeared from action as Gotham appears orderly and lawful. All appears well but a growing separation between the 99%ers and the rest of society has been growing and all reached a boiling point when Bane, a masked and mysterious mercenary wreaks havoc in Gotham demanding the people take control of their lives. With the help of a sly thief, Selina Kyle, Bane helps the people take over Gotham as Batman is forced to back into action.

Disclaimer: Spoilers Below- Don’t read further if you have not read the film.
Wow! What a movie, what an end to arguably the greatest trilogy of all-time. Let’s break it down.

No one thought Nolan could ever create a villain close to the same level as Heath Ledger’s Joker. While I will not stand here and say Bane was better than the Joker, I cannot honestly say that Bane won’t go down as one of the most infamous villains ever. Tom Hardy physically transforms himself for the role (see Bronson) and nails it. Bane’s brutal force and evil make him one of the most horrifying villains ever. His physical dominance over Batman was shocking and awesome. Honestly, every scene he is in, I sat there anticipating how Bane was going to next brutally deform somebody. Bane was methodical and exact in his plans as he turns Gotham inside out.

Selina Kyle
Every time I go into a film of Anne Hathaway’s I don’t expect her to be good; yet she always shocks me and rocks every role she is given. This film was no different.  Anne Hathaway probably stole this film. She in my opinion was the best and most outstanding performance. Her character Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) was perfectly done. An “adaptable” scavenger, Selina does what she needs to survive, even when that means leaving Batman to die. Hathaway was sly and intriguing. In other words, when she was onscreen I loved every second of it and when she was not onscreen, I wanted her there.

John Blake
Joseph Gordon Levitte is one of the best actors in Hollywood. With his breakout role in Inception, JGL proved he can play a crucial role in a film and nail it down. His John Blake offers us a character of morality and normalcy in a world of Batmans and Banes. JGL plays the straight arrow perfectly here as Gotham’s best cop. As the ending suggests…. We will get to the ending soon.

Miranda Tate
Mario Cotillard is one of the most breathtaking actresses in all of Hollywood. She opens her mouth and you find yourself mesmerized by her. TDKR is no exception. Cotillard is awesome as Miranda Tate, a high level Wayne Enterprise executive who has a thing for Bruce Wayne. It is only revealed at the end that she is actually Talia al Ghul, Ras’ daughter who has been working with Bane all along. We will discuss more of the ending.
Commissioner Gordon, Luscious Fox, Alfred
The fact that the supporting cast of this film includes 3 of the greatest actors of the last 50 years does nothing but add to the greatness of the film. Oldman is always amazing and good for a laugh or two. Freeman is Freeman and there is no man wiser. But of the three, Michael Caine brings the most to the film as Alfred. His relationship with Bruce gets more focus and we get a glimpse of a much more personal and emotional character. His pain when Bruce/Batman suffers reminds us why Caine is such a good actor.

Batman/Bruce Wayne
Christian Bale is the best Batman ever. He is believable as the rich snobby Bruce Wayne (see American Psycho) and awesome as the Dark Knight. Bale is asked to play a brittle and frail Bruce Wayne who cant shake off what happened with Dent. Bale of course does a great job and fights back as Batman better than anyone else. This film focuses more on Bale than TDK and I have no complaints.
The Film
I don’t have many complaints about the film and the ones I do have are really nitpicky. But if I had to question anything in the film it would have to be the following. Firstly, I thought the pace of the film was slightly off. At a solid 2:44, the film is quite lengthy and though I don’t mind the length I feel like the film was oddly paced. When moving fast, the film was amazing and Nolan delivers as he always does. It was more the middle slower parts that I thought actually slowed the film down a bit too much. That being said, the film was amazing. Additionally, very un-Nolan-like, I actually felt that he telegraphed some of the films biggest surprises. The film’s two biggest surprises John Blake possibly taking over for Batman and Miranda Tate actually being Ras al Ghul’s daughter were both hinted to way too much. There were just too many hints and long speeches given to John Blake to not expect him to take over for Batman. The second twist was better hidden but still slightly predictable. A final issue that didn’t bother me so much but I got asked about 1,000 times was how John Blake know Bruce was Batman.  So Blake recounts how he met Bruce Wayne years ago when Wayne made a visit to his orphanage.  He intuited that Bruce was hiding a big secret.  Blake says he'd learned to put on a false face to hid his own pain and he recognized that same mask on Bruce.  And that is how he knew Bruce was Batman. Still don’t get it.
The Ending
The ending to the film was amazing and executed perfectly. I loved the story line of Miranda being the daughter of Ras al Ghul, as she infiltrated Wayne Enterprises for the League of Shadows was a great “coming full circle” touch by Nolan. Nolan was probably asked a million times about the film’s ending and whether or not he would kill off Batman. As the film culminated with the bomb going off, seemingly killing Batman, I felt that Nolan had given everything we wanted. Then as the surprises kept coming, we learn of the fixing of the autopilot on The Bat, of Blake’s seemingly assignment to take over for Bruce while running the orphanage, Blake’s middle name being Robin and Alfred seeing Bruce and Selina at the Paris café brough the beautiful story of the Dark Knight to a close.

Nolan’s Batman was always about something greater than Batman himself. Batman in this trilogy represented an ideal, a fear in the minds of criminals. In a world with so much corruptness and evil, the symbol of hope and good is something Nolan truly establishes with this final film. Blake is almost too perfect of a man and that is exactly what we need to know the Batman mantel will be in good hands. This trilogy was really perfectly crafted. The story comes full circle in terms of the League of Shadows and Ras al Ghul and we are truly given a full analysis and portrayl of everything that Batman is. From vigilante, to Dark Knight, to Hero; Batman is by far the most intriguing and complicated character in comic book history and Nolan has done him justice. I personally thank Nolan for his incredible work on this project. TDKR is an amazing film as part of an unbelievable trilogy. What the future holds for Batman is unsure but what I can tell you is that as of right now, his name has never been greater.

Friday, July 20, 2012


Ticket to The Dark Knight Rises......... $20
Dinner eaten while waiting online.........$15
Being stopped to take photos by strangers while dressed up as Bane......... Priceless!