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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Why I Can’t Wait For Some More Amazing Christopher Nolan Moments.

We are under 72 hours away from The Dark Knight Rises, the final film in Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy. In just preparing myself for this film, I am not only planning on watching every one of Christopher Nolan’s films but I started piling up a list of my favorite Christopher Nolan moments. Obviously there will be many new moments coming from TDKR but I figured I would help get everyone in the mood.
Honorable Mention:
The Truck Stop-TDK
Welcome to Limbo-Inception
Swear to Me- Batman Begins
The Big Reveal- Momento

The Kicks- Inception
As the final dream-sequence comes to a close, Nolan brings a series of kicks to bring the characters out of their dream state. The kicks come all at once in a span of around 2 minutes. Nolan forces us to follow and stay with him in one of the most confusing yet understandable film sequences of all time.  

Who is Sammy Jankis- Memento
The entire film, Nolan presents this story of one of Leonard’s cases regarding Sammy Jankis. It is only at the end of the film that we realize Leonard is Sammy Jankis as Nolan shows us Leonard sitting in Sammy’s seat.  It was one of the most revealing plot lines and Nolan delivered it perfectly.

In A Spin- Inception
As Cobb comes home and reunites with his kids. He leaves the spinning top totem on the table as he heads to his kids. We are still unsure whether Cobb is in Limbo and still dreaming. As we were explained, if the Top falls, Cobb is in reality but if it keeps going, he is dreaming. As the top is left spinning and appears to be wavering ever so slightly, Nolan goes to the black screen, creating one of the most debated movie endings ever.

Hello Nurse!- The Dark Knight
In one of the most iconic and bizarrely good scenes ever, the Joker surprises us all as he appears dressed as a nurse at the bed of Harvey Dent. With a wig and nurse’s outfit include, the Joker continues to give such an iconic and beautiful speech about chaos and anarchy; showing us a true glimpse of what drives the Joker. Nolan truly nailed this one.

Spinning Hotel-Inception
Nolan was a master at story telling. So of course when he proceeded to show 3 separate stories going on simultaneously, he did it like a pro. As the van carrying the dream team careens off a bridge spinning, the character of Arthur, stuck in the hotel must fight off some dream defenders while the entire landscape, including the hotel corridor starts spinning with the gravity of the flipping van.

Interrogation- The Dark Knight
The most anticipated showdown between the Joker and Batman came to fruition in an intense and awesome interrogation room at the police station. Batman looks for answers as the Joker lectures him on society and makes Batman play his game. Nolan highlights the sheer brutality and frightening aspects of both characters in this unforgettable scene.

The Prestige-The Prestige
As the film comes to a close, the final act is revealed as Borden reveals that his is in fact one of two twins who were able to trick the crowds while Angiers was forced to create and drown clones of himself on a nightly basis in order to  perform his trick. The moment blew us away forcing us all to watch the film over and over again.

The Bank Job- The Dark Knight
Nolan decided that he wanted to redefine how movies should start. In TDK he decided to blow everyone away with one of the most clever robbery scenes of all time while introducing us to the Joker. In the robbery scene the Joker masterfully pulls off the heist while having the entire clown faced crew kill off each other before the Joker is left standing alone with the whole loot. Nolan=genius.

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