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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why The Amazing Spiderman was quite Amazing.

Here is my movie instant review of one of the most anticipated films of the summer. Walking out of the 12am IMAX 3D showing of the film, I asked myself two questions.
Was the studio successful in recreating and rebooting the franchise? Yes, this movie is awesome.
Why were they rebooting the franchise? I’m not sure.
Let’s start with the good. This film is simply awesome. With new director, Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) at the helm, Spidey was reinvented and the franchise was revived. Lets list some of the awesome aspects of the film.
1.       Film is stunning- This film is beautiful. Amazing camera work and a sleek new spidey suit make this film visually gorgeous. The scenes with Spidey flying around with buildings in the backdrop simply take your breath away.
2.       The writing is witty and humorous- The writers of the film did a great job of balancing the comic book humor and the seriousness of Spidey’s drama. This is a tough task for comic book movies and was something that the first Spiderman movie was one of the first films to accomplish.
3.       There is a budding romance that you will want to see- Andrew Garfield does a great job with as the new Spidey. Like Tobey McGuire before him, he does a great job of transforming from the nerdy Peter Parker to the awesomely heroic Spiderman. The real star as usual us opposite him in Emma Stone. Their romance, which has flowed into real life, can really be seen on screen. The two clearly have amazing chemistry and it adds so much to the film. Obviously this is a super hero movie but shining underneath is a fantastic romantic story; something that should be no surprise from the Director of 500 Days of Summer.
4.       Emma Stone is amazing- already an established star and arguably the most up and coming actress in Hollywood, Emma Stone is amazing as Gwen Stacey. Stealing every scene she is a part of, Stone makes you want more of the love story; something I doubt I would have ever said if the role was cast differently.
5.       Paying homage to the past is something commendable- with his film, Marc Webb pays amazing homage to the first films and the true nature of the comic book.  I found myself laughing throughout the movie and really enjoyed all the references to the comic books and the previous films.
6.       Aunt  May and Uncle Ben- Obviously there was a good supporting cast and Emma Stone aside, this group was highlighted by Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Peter Parker’s aunt and uncle.  Sheen especially shines as an awesome uncle Ben.
Now some of the bad:
1.       A bit too silly- With many unconnected plot points and some pretty silly dialogue, the film has the silliness of most comic book films. I won’t go into the plot holes for those who have not seen it. There are plenty of bad puns as Spiderman is flying around fighting the villain and some silly one-liners throughout the film. Overall, this issue gets completely washed out by the awesomeness of the film.
2.       The villain- My only real complaint with the film was the film. Rhys Ifans plays Dr. Curt Connors and twilights as The Lizard. My complaint is as follows: I never gain an understanding of what motivates this villain; I am not quite sure why he is so angry. Yes his experiments go horribly wrong but why does he try to destroy the entire city. It all just seems secondary, sloppy and quite underwhelming.

Despite my issue with the villain, the film is awesome. The film is about rebooting and reestablishing Peter Parker and with that the film was quite successful. I promise you won’t be bored and will laugh consistently throughout the film. So I say enjoy!!!!!

Sex: flirting and kissing, some sex references
Violence: plenty of fighting but not gory
Language: pretty mild
Drugs: None
Rated: PG-13
Run time: 137 minutes
Grade: 4 Stars

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