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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Every Famous Actor Got Their Start Somewhere.

Ever wonder how some of the biggest movie stars got their start? Well just like us, these big name actors and actresses play small roles in films. Some of the most famous actors today got their start in some not so famous roles. Some of these you may recognize and some will definitely surprise you.

Ryan Gosling- Remember the Titans

Jake Gyllenhall- City Slickers

Michelle Williams- Species

Seth Rogan- Donnie Darko

Chris Pine- Smokin’ Aces

Tom Hardy- Black Hawk Down

Taylor Kitsch- Snakes on a Plane

Vince Vaughn- Rudy

Katherine Heigl- Bride of Chucky

Kevin Bacon-Animal House

Sam Rockwell- Ninja Turtles

Leo DiCaprio- Critters 3

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