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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Terminator Salvation

One of this summer's biggest films, Terminator Salvation recently opened. Produced by McG, the fourth installment to the Terminator franchise is action packed darker feel to the terminator series. This film, along with excellent performances by the ever so "dark" and intense Christian Bale (The Dark Knight) along with great work by Sam Worthington (Heart's War) will revive the franchise much like Batman Begins did for that series. The film is set in 2018 towards the beginning of the war between the machines and The Resistance and sets the story up for at least two more films (which Bale is supposedly signed up for). The film brings a grittiness and intensity to the war with Skynet and its army of Terminators and truly reveals a world of anarchy and chaos as humans struggle to survive in the destroyed world. Bale provides a strong and proactive leader as John Connor, the head of The Resistance, but perhaps what is most revealing in this film is the work of Sam Worthington playing Marcus Wright. Wright is a stranger who has lost most of his memory when he wakes up only to remember himself on death row. Connor is unsure if Wright is from the future or past, human or machine. As the story has the two on a journey to save the human race, a revealing fact hits the audience. You begin to realize you are watching more of Worthington than Connor. When I saw this film I was kind of shocked to realize that Worthington's performance somewhat outshines Bale. Not to say that Bale doesn't do a good job but I would have preferred to be completely enamored with the John Connor. Overall, the film is action packed with some great computer work. Some decent writing and nice set up for future films, Terminator Salvation is a good night out even for those who have not seen the other films. But those who are up to date on their terminator films will appreciate the little nuances a lot more (Ex. tapes from Sarah Connor).

Sex: None
Violence: A lot
Language: Mild
Rated: PG-13
Run time: 115 min
Grade: 3.5

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