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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Why You Should Keep Your Netflix Account.

One day I want to write a book on Netflix. I have no interest in discussing the business side of the multi-million dollar company or any interest in criticizing them for the horrible decision to break up their payment plans. I simply want to write a book discussing what I call the “Jewels of Netflix”. Let me explain: If you were like me than this is how your first few experiences with Netflix went. “Wow, $8.99/month for all the latest movies and television... I am so excited to watch some of these great new films… Hmmm, so I went through the few films that came out 6 months ago… I guess I have seen all the good movies they have to offer, maybe I’ll try some TV…. Ok, I have seen all The Office I could watch… wow, Netflix literally has nothing to watch.” When I reached this point I went on to watch some old childhood classics and TV shows. But even these classics couldn’t hold me over. It began to really frustrate me that Netflix streaming had movies available almost 6 months after their release. In most cases the few relatively new films they put up were films I had already seen. Believe it or not, at one point I felt that I had seen all I could on Netflix streaming. Things got really bad, really fast. I began watching some films that I am quite embarrassed to say I have seen. I recently went back and looked in my instant queue for some of the most embarrassing movies and shows I have watched from Netflix’s streaming database. Here is just a sample:
· The Race to Witch Mountain
· Behind Enemy Lines 2 & 3
· Year One
· Greenstreet Hooligans 2 (the first was a thousand times better)
· The Contractor
· Every Documentary on the UFC and WWE
· Every Season of Man vs Wild and Survivor Man
· The Warlords
· Ultimate Heist
· The Code
· Legion
· Alice in Wonderland
· The Bounty Hunter
· Centurion
· After Life
· All National Geographic Documentaries
· 4 season of Man vs Food
· Death Race 2
· Set Up
· Edison Force
· The Lazarus Project
· Balls Out: Gary the Tennis Coach
· Ong Bak 3
· Twelve
· The Way Back
· Knockout- Stone Cold Steve Austin
· Bob the Butler
· Forever Strong
· Ned Kelly
· Street Kings 2: The Motor city
· S.W.A.T. Fire Fight
· All of Comedy Central’s Roastings
· The Crew
What is scary about this list is that it doesn’t even cover all the embarrassing Netflix watches.
It was after seeing some of these off-the-beaten-path films and shows that I began thinking about why I even had my Netflix account. At the cross-roads of whether to cancel my subscription or not, I gave myself a challenge. I was going to find the “Jewels” of Netflix. Meaning, I was going to search the bowels of the Netflix database to find good movies and TV shows to watch. To toot my own horn, I have been quite successful. Over the next few months I will try to reveal and review a weekly Netflix “Jewel”. I am not saying that all of these selections will be life-changing films and TV Shows but if nothing else, these selections will convince you to keep that Netflix account.

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