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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

7 Pounds (Three Stars)

Too often movie trailers reveal way too much about the movie's storyline. That however is not the case with the film, 7 Pounds. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, this film follows the extraordinary journey of an IRS agent Ben Thomas. Ben Thomas is incredibly played by Will Smith who offers another stunning performance that shows the depth of his talents as an actor, similarly to the role he played in The Pursuit of Happiness. I will not reveal anything about the plot other than Thomas, an IRS agent embarks on a journey to alter the lives of 7 random people. The reason behind his actions and the secret he is keeping is slowly revealed as the movie goes along. Smith gives a tremendous performance as he shows us a character that has a plan and a purpose for everything he does, yet is in a constant internal struggle with this secret that been troubling him. The movie brings up issues of self-sacrifice and personal forgiveness. The movie moves along quite nicely and the growth of Thomas' character is revealed as the film progresses. Smith's performance, which should get some Oscar recognition, is strongly supported by Brian Pepper, Thomas' best friend, and Rosario Dawson, as one of the seven people Thomas chooses to help and eventually builds a relationship with. Overall, I found this moving very intriguing and the film which was made all the more intriguing by the great performances.

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