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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of Movie of 2008

What was the best movie of 2008. While not the strongest year of movies, 2008 provided some real classic gems as well as some of the greatest performances in recent years. What we feel is not only the hands down best movie of the year but in fact the best superhero movie of all time and possibly our favorite movie of all time is of course THE DARK KNIGHT. My brother and I had the privilege to attend a special early premier of the film at 7pm the night before the international premier and we were not disappointed. In the second installation of the Christopher Nolan Batman series, The Dark Knight encompasses everything a great drama requires; the hero, the ever so evil villain, and an intriguing plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the film. Nolan continues to delve into the darkness that is Batman, once again played excellently by Christian Bale. Bale provides the depth and struggle that is true to the comic book hero. The movie is also helped by strong performances by Michael Cain as Alfred the butler, Morgan Freeman as Fox, Gary Oldman as Commissioner Gordon, and Maggie Gyllenhall filling the role of Rachel Dawes. The most intriguing performances come from Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent and Heath Ledger as the Joker. Eckhart does a great job of showing us the rise to fame and fall to villain a career changing role. The real focus here is on Ledger, who possibly gives the greatest performance ever, definitely the greatest villain of all time. Ledger literally transforms himself into a new person, into a the true devil that is the Joker. The Joker is immediately brought back into greatness with his white face, smile shaped scars on his face, and infamous clown outfit with purple coat and all. The villain in this movie is not only a criminal genius, but he truly introduces a new way of viewing the world. His back and forth with batman provides one of the great scenes in recent cinema. Ledger's role is sure to be recognized on Oscar night and his sad death following the making of the film only adds to the mystic behind one of the greatest and diabolical performances of all time. The action is excellent and the balance of action to drama makes the lengthy 2 1/2 hour film fly by.

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