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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Birthday!!!!

On this regular Wednesday in mid January I have officially been alive for a quarter of a century. Yes, today is my 25th Birthday. But it is not only my birthday. I share this special day with some stars such as Mark Messier (NY Rangers), Jason Siegal (How I Met Your Mother), Kevin Costner (Waterworld), Dave Bautista (WWE), and Jesse Martin (Rent and Law and Order).
Yesterday was actually a sad day for me. When I was younger I was once told I shared a birthday with the one and only Champion Muhammad Ali. Apparently I was incorrect my entire life as I found out that Ali celebrated his birthday yesterday on the 17th. Now I have to get excited that I share a birthday with Maulik Pancholy, yes this is Alec Baldwin's secretary on 30 Rock!
Anyways, just wanted to wish all these celebs Happy Birthday and thank all of you for the BDay wishes.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day!!!

    Thanks for this great new entertainment, I love reading it!!