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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Tim Tebow’s Season Was a Success.

With his record-tying 6th touchdown pass, Tom Brady put an end to one of the most magical runs in NFL history. As the clock struck 12 on the Cinderella season of the Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow’s miraculous season came to an end. Arguably the most polarizing athlete since Muhammad Ali, Tebow has quickly taken the sports world by storm. There has not been a more debated player in over 50 years. What is amazing about Tebow is that he is a true enigma of our modern day athlete. Everyone will agree that his QB skills are average or below but at the same time, Tebow keeps on winning and according to a recent ESPN.com poll, is the most popular athlete in America.
The averaged armed, running loving quarterback took a 1-4 team to an 8-8 season, a division title, and a big playoff win over the #1 defense in football. He led miraculous comebacks and won a playoff game on an 80 yard TD pass in overtime. This was all at the same time as he broke records, bad records for fewest yards, fewest completions, worst passer ratings and so on. People debated whether he should start, be pulled, or throw more.
For those of you who know me, I have been a Tebow fan since his days at Florida. I have always loved him and here is my take on the controversial QB.
Tim Tebow is a below average NFL thrower. He runs the option very well and is very hard to take down for any defensive lineman. Tim Tebow is not a good stand in the pocket passer. What Tim Tebow is, is a winner. He is a closer, a gamer and a winner. If you give him the chance to win a game and believe in him, he will get the job done. You don’t need to be the most talented guy to be clutch; all you need is faith in yourself and a team with faith in you.
But all this is not the real reason his season was a success. The real reason for his success is also his most controversial/polarizing trait. It is Tim Tebow the Christian, Tim Tebow the Man. Tebow is polarizing because of his faith and how he openly attributes his success and failures to God. His clean cut image has won over his team and the nation. Tebow is a devout Christian, self proclaimed virgin, doesn’t drink, doesn’t party, doesn’t smoke, or do anything else an NFL player normally does. He spends his time and money doing charity and does it all with a sincere heart. Tim Tebow is for real and the reason his season was a success is because he is a good man.
Signs flood NFL stadiums begging Tim Tebow to “marry my daughter” because who wouldn’t want a young man like this as their son-in-law. While other players are out partying, Tebow is at the local town restaurant getting to know the locals; while other athletes have 10 kids with 8 women in 8 cities, Tebow is waiting for a mature adult relationship; while players are listening to rap music and cursing left and right, Tebow is quoting the bible and signing Christian rock; while others are starting pre-game scuffles with the other team before kickoff, Tebow is meeting with a little girl who has cancer half an hour before kickoff; while other players are working endorsement deals and partying after a big win, Tebow is meeting a yet another kid who has cancer.
If not a great QB, Tim Tebow is a great man. His devout faith and refusal to give up on anyone or anything has his teammates believing in him and has him being successful on and off the field. So whether or not you think he should be a starting QB or not, Tim Tebow showed us what a good man and a little faith could do, and for that, his season was a success.

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