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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Why Flawless is Just a Great Pure Heist Film. (Netflix Jewel #5)

I know it has been quite some time since the last Jewel but with its reduced population of good films, Netflix hasn’t made this segment so easy. Thankfully, our long wait will end but a beauty of a film. Flawless is an understated and underrated heist film starring Michael Caine and Demi Moore.  The film centers around a massive diamond heist with Caine playing the old janitor who wants to get back at the company for refusing to pay an insurance claim for his dying wife. Moore plays the executive within the company who seeks revenge after being mistreated and passed on for a promotion.  Loosely based on real events, the film has a very realistic feel to it. Honestly it was one of the more realistic and refreshing heist films I have seen recently. What makes the film so good is the lack of the bells and whistles. The film has no glitz and glamour but just focuses on these two individuals and what makes them tick. We achieve an in depth look at the psyche of these characters. Moore does a very solid job but its Caine who is the real scene stealer (yes pun once again intended). Caine is superb at any age and plays the old yet sly role better than anyone. Do you ever watch Caine’s films and just think that he always knows more than every other character. Kind of like he knows how the film will play out but lets everyone else figure it out for themselves. (see The Dark Knight and Inception).
The film itself is very slick. Flawless is an intricate, intelligent and deliberately paced heist film. You may not have  heard of it but you definitely won’t forget it.  There are of course those tension filled scenes when you feel the robbers will be caught but they are not over top dramatic and pull at your strings with just the right amount of suspense. The film is about purity. The heist is simple and pure, the acting is delicate and pure and the suspense is subtle and pure. Many reviews say that Moore is the focused character while Caine is understated but I believe that is the beauty of Caine’s character. Caine creates a forgettable “in the shadows” persona that a great robber dreams of. Without revealing too much more of the film I can only say you should definitely watch this film. Though it may seem like the film is moving slow at times, give the film a chance. The pace of the film is one of its most beautiful characteristics. The film may not be flawless but it is pretty darn good.

Sex: None
Violence: None
Language: Brief Strong Language
Drugs: None
Rated: PG-13
Run time: 105 minutes
Grade: 3.5 Stars

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