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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why The Wire is The Best TV Drama Ever. (The Drama Bracket)

The NY Times Magazine recently featured an article discussing the best TV Dramas of the past 25 years. The article inspired  me to produce my own bracket of the best TV Drama’s ever. Enjoy!

Notable Points:
·         Sci-Fi Matchup
o   BG has to go down as the greatest Sci-Fi drama series of all time along with Star Trek. All 4 seasons of this amazing production got better and better as Mankind fought for survival as they searched for earth. Moulder and Skully only dealt with aliens, not killing machines.
·         Cops Matchup
o   If NYPD Blue was real, The Shield was really real. The Shield is arguable the grittiest cop show ever (of course I am not including the wire).
·         Elite 8: The Wire vs Dexter
o   As amazing as Dexter is, there is part of it that is expected and repetitive A quality that the Wire cannot be called.
·         Elite 8: FNL vs Breaking Bad
o   Two of my favorite shows ever came down to one small fact. While I watched FNL I had an underlying feeling that everything would work out and the characters would all be ok, something I have never felt watching Walter White.
·         Final
o   Enough Said!

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