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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Every Famous Actor Got Their Start Somewhere.

Ever wonder how some of the biggest movie stars got their start? Well just like us, these big name actors and actresses play small roles in films. Some of the most famous actors today got their start in some not so famous roles. Some of these you may recognize and some will definitely surprise you.

Ryan Gosling- Remember the Titans

Jake Gyllenhall- City Slickers

Michelle Williams- Species

Seth Rogan- Donnie Darko

Chris Pine- Smokin’ Aces

Tom Hardy- Black Hawk Down

Taylor Kitsch- Snakes on a Plane

Vince Vaughn- Rudy

Katherine Heigl- Bride of Chucky

Kevin Bacon-Animal House

Sam Rockwell- Ninja Turtles

Leo DiCaprio- Critters 3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why I Love But Hate These Summer Hit Songs.

The summer of 2012 has been a great one for music. There have been some great great singles released that I love listening to. The problem I have found is that while I love listening to these songs, I dont love listening to them 100 times every day. The problem with radio stations these days is that they play the same 5-8 songs over and over again until you want to pull your eyes out. So here is a list of the best but most overplayed songs from this summer.

Nicki Minaj- Starships
This song is very addicting and catchy, yet is way way overplayed. I love the sound of her voice but we all have our limits.

Rihanna-Where Have You Been
The truth is that I dont love this song. I really just put it on here because it comes on my radio way too often. Rihanna is well known for her summer smash hits.

Grouplove- Tongue Tied
This Indie-style group produced a very catchy tune. Sadly, at this point, all I just hear noise.

Justing Bieber- Boyfriend
This song is in on all the time and in pretty much every single promo you hear on the radio. In my opinion this is one of the more annoying Bieber songs and I desperately need him to come out with a new single to replace this one on the radio.

One Direction- What Makes You Beautiful
And I thought I was done with the likes of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees.

Goyte- Somebody That I Used To Know
Probably the most played song of the summer, this mega-hit consumes my mind. When I am not thinking of anything, this song is playing in my head.

Katy Perry- Wide Awake
Arguably my favorite pop musician today, Katy Perry constantly produces awesome tunes. This song is one of my favorites; but as much as I love it, it is played every three minutes.

Carly Rae Jepson- Call Me Maybe
Wow! This may just be the most over played, duplicated, and covered song of all-time. Thrusting Jepson into the world spotlight, this summer hit has dominated the news, tv, radio, and our every day lives.  Please please, just come up with another song to be overplayed. We love you but it is time to move on.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Regular Guy Pretends to be Famous!!


Why I Love Awesome Chase Scenes!

In my daily glancing of Grantland.com I came across an article discussing awesome chase scenes.  With the upcoming film Premium Rush focused on chase scenes, it behooves us to discuss the best chase scenes of all-time. We all love the fast paced, action packed and edge off your seat thrills of a car chase through Italy or a foot chase through NY. So without wasting anymore of your time, here are my top 20 Chase Scenes.

20) Death Proof (2007)
Only Quentin Tarantino would create a chase scene with Kurt Russell driving his “Death Mobile” as he chases 3 stunt girls on a highway.  The scene is awesome. And yes that is a girl hanging off the hood of the car.

19) Die Hard
Bruce Willis chases down the bad guys in an 18 wheeler while avoiding F-18 missile fire. This is one of those where it needs no further explanation.

18) I-Robot
Will Smith’s car chase scene in this film is both futuristic and awesome. Driving high speed while avoiding kamikaze robots is no easy task, yet Smith pulls it off brilliantly.

17) Drive
This artsy gory film received very good reviews and Ryan Gosling shines as a getaway driver who gets a little bit too involved in the dealings of a local gangster. The real star of the film are the two chase scenes; the opening scene in which he helps two robbers evade the cops and the other being the high speed chase after pulling off the final heist. Both scenes are very crisp and simply well done.

16) Terminator 2: Judgment Day
(A)   John Connor on a dirt bike.
(B)   T1000 in tow truck
(C)   Arnold on a motorcycle with his shotgun

15) Bad Boys II
Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were awesome in these films. There were two awesome chase scenes. One scene was instantly famous for the carnage and cost it took to make.  The Bad Boys basically destroyed the Miami highway on the way to Miami Beach. The other scene had the two on the run through the famously packed slums of Rio De Jenero. To put it simply the Bad Boys did chase scenes well.

14) Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Who would have thought a scene with a minivan would make the list. But Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s awesome chase is full of awesome shots, crazy shooting, and hilarious banter as the two underwear clad lovers fight off a bunch of assassins.

13) Back to the Future Part II
One of the first chase scenes I ever saw, Marty McFly is running away from future Biff after he went into the future. The genius of having the chase occur on futuristic flying skateboards was amazing. And the twist of “Those boards don’t work on water!” was simply priceless.

12) Faceoff
As always, Nick Cage should be on every list (Thankfully he makes two appearances here). The film has two main chase scenes, one involves Sean Archer (John Travolta) in a Humvy chasing down Castor Troy (Nick Cage) who was in private Jet. The other is at the film’s ending when the two participate in a high speed boat chase. Explosions, jumps and crashes all sum up to awesomeness.

11) Fast and the Furious Movies
There was no possible way to select just one chase scene from this film series. These scenes include an awesome Tokyo race down a curvy road (Tokyo Drift) and awesome chase through the streets of Rio De Jenero as the two lead actors are dragging a two ton safe full of $100 million in cash. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

10) The Rock
This was always an underrated chase scene. When Sean Connery escapes the FBI custody he leads the FBI on a high speed chase through downtown San Francisco. A Trolly, Humvy, Ferrari and awesome motor bike all partake in this very destructive chase. Nick Cage, thank you ones again.

9) Ronin              
This is widely considered an underrated film (yes I know that makes no sense). The high speed chase down the streets of Paris between a BMW and Peugeot was awesome. With tons of expensive cars being destroyed in its path, this chase scene is well worthy of a spot in the top 10.

8) French Connection
Many consider this the best chase scene ever; though before my time it still earns a spot on in the top 10. Gene Hackman stars in this awesome scene that ends with a car facing off with a train.

 7) Gone in 60 Seconds
There is over 40 minutes of awesome car chases in this ‘all about cars’ film. But none of the smaller scenes compare to the insane and awesome final chase as Nick Cage (#3) drives (and even flies) away from cops in his ’67 Mint Green Shelby Mustang, also known as Eleanor. Trust me, this scene will make you love this car.

6) The Way of the Gun
I just recently watched this film and I fell in love with this scene. This unknown film by Christopher McQuarrie (the writer of The Usual Suspects) was a crime movie starring Benicio del Toro, James Caan and Ryan Philippe.  The film got horrible reviews but I just think it was before its time and would now receive a better reception. This awesome scene involves the most hilarious and slow “high speed” chase of all-time. In my opinion, the scene is genius; let me know what you think.

5) The Italian Job
A clear fan favorite, this thoroughly entertaining film is one of the modern day king of chases. With three Mini Coopers, two jaguars, and a bus all involved in a multi-million dollar Italian gold heist, this film has it all. The chase scene is one of the most famous ever and truly the highlight of the film.

4) Casino Royale
The opening scene of the Daniel Craig’s Bond is simply shocking in the best of ways. The foot chase between Bond and Sebastian Foucan goes through market places, homes and even a construction site. Not only is the scene long and well done, but I honestly felt the grittiness and pain with every leap and punch.  In my opinion, Craig is one of the best Bonds ever and this chase was his welcoming party.

3) The Return of the Jedi
This high speed Endor Speeder bike chase has to be one of the most original and best chase scenes ever. The sound editing and filming are both amazing. Sit back and enjoy.

2) Matrix Reloaded
There were plenty of options from the Matrix trilogy to pick from, but the highway chase scene in the Matrix Reloaded is one of the most underrated and amazing chase scenes ever filmed. The producers literally built a fake highway outside of LA to film this and it paid off. With over 14 minute of awesome driving, car crashes, Trinity on a motorcycle and two of the freakiest twins ever, this scene easily earned this spot on the list.

1) Dark Knight
Not often thought of as a chase scene, the Joker’s chase after Harvey Dent is one of my favorite scenes ever. You have the joker with an 18 wheeler, some machine guns and of course a bazooka taking on an entire police caravan and it is awesome. Not only is the Joker both hilarious and chilling in the scene but we get all the batmobile we could want as well as being introduced to the Batpod. Oh and if you are wondering how batman can take on an 18 wheeler with a motorcycle. Just take a look.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Why I Love Awesome Movie Weapons! (Part 2)

Sorry for being MIA lately. Here is part 2 of my previous Post!

The Big Baby- Hellboy II: The Golden army
This awesome six-barreled monstrosity fires off small rockets and produces awesome results. Wielded by the horned Ron Pearlman, this gun stole the show in the film. Remember, you don’t want to wake Baby.

Smart Disc- Predator 2
This awesomely deadly and lethal weapon is probably Predator’s greatest weapon. The disc cuts through everything in its path and convieniently comes back to its owner.

Proton Pack- Ghostbusters
Also known as a positron collider, the proton pack is the weapon of choice for the Ghostbusters.  Designed by Dr. Egon Spengler, the proton pack is used to incapacitate ghosts, holding them in place long enough to be captured by a ghost trap.  Wielding these powerful weapons is risky, as the last thing you want to do is cross the streams: “Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.” Awesome!

Wolverine’s Claws- X-Men Movies
Wolverine’s healing factor made him the prime candidate for a procedure that involved grafting adamantium to his skeleton and implanting retractable adamantium claws.  Capable of cutting through anything, Wolverine’s claws can make mincemeat out of an enemy in just a matter of seconds. The coolest X-Men has the coolest weapons.

Iron Man-Iron Man
Need I say more.

Cattle Gun- No Country For Old Men
This post was slightly inspired by this weapon. Javier Bardem was frightening as Anton Chigurh who used a lethal cattle gun to defeat his enemies. The shockingly awesome sound of this air pressure gun going off startled all who saw this film. Anton’s rampage with this unconventional weapon definitely earns a place on this list.

Freedom- Braveheart
Arguably the most famous sword ever, this beauty was wielded by William Wallace in his fight against the English. Not only was this Scottish long blade a powerful and feared weapon, the scene of it stuck in the ground wavering as the Scotts went to war is one of the most iconic and epic movie moments ever. FREEEDOMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Why There Are Some Good Movie Trailers Out Right Now.


No this isn’t the 1980’s Nick Cage movie, it’s a dark thriller of a heist gone wrong starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde and SOA’s own Charlie Hunnam. Check it out!
Red Dawn
The makers of this film struck gold. Filmed before their fame, this movie surrounds a group of young people who try to save their town from a North Korean invasion. Starring Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, The Hunger Games’ Josh Hutcherson and Isabel Lucas, this film was made before these stars were stars. The truth is, the trailer looks awesome.
Django Unchained
After years of speculation, we have finally gotten our first look at Quentin Tarantino’s new film. With the help of his mentor (Christopher Waltz), a slave (Jamie Foxx) seeks revenge on a plantation owner named Calvin Candie (Leonardo Dicaprio). This film looks amazing and should probably give Leo the Best Supporting Oscar right now.
Tom Hardy, Shia LabEouf and Guy Pearce are starring in a depression-era story of bootlegging brothers who are threatened by a new law in town and decide to fight back. Ya its Bane and it looks awesome.
This Denzel Washington film follows the story of an airline pilot who saves a flight from crashing but who’s drinking history brings his entire life into question. The trailer is quite intriguing and will kind of shock you. Definitely grabbed my interest.
Anchorman 2
“America, did you miss my hot breath in your ear?” Yes Ron Burgundy, yes I did!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Movie Trivia

1) This Actor likes breaking into houses.
2) This Director loves to solve mysteries.
3) This Film will leave you laughing, I'm positive.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Why I Love Movie Weapons! (Part I)

As I was cleaning part of my house this weekend I found and old Nerf gun. It had me thinking, what are the coolest and most awesome movie weapons of all time? We have all seen films and just thought that the gun or bomb was just awesome. So here are some of the greatest movie weapons of all time.

·         Death Star- Star Wars
o   Star Wars was ahead of its time in special effects and pretty much everything else. There were plenty of starling moments in the dual-trilogy but perhaps none more than the fact that the secret weapon the Empire was building was in fact an entire spaceship. The Death Star was not only an imposing figure, basically the size of a small planet, its lethal weapon could destroy an entire planet in a instant. Doesn’t get more awesome than that.

·         Lightsaber- Star Wars
o   Of  course you cant mention Star Wars without mentioning perhaps the greatest weapon ever invented. The Lightsaber, wielded by Jedi Masters and Sith Lords is so cool. Basically a laser, the Lightsaber can deflect bullets, cut people in half and pretty much destroy anything in its way. The only thing cooler than one lightsaber is two.

·         Hattori Hanzo Sword- Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2
o   Quentin Tarantino is the one of the wackiest directors in Hollywood. Seriously, the things he creates are just crazy. Perhaps none are crazier than the Hattori Hanzo Samarai Swords from the Kill Bill Series. These lethal handmade death machines slice through bone and flesh like a steak knife through butter. Having Uma Thurman literally kill hundreds of people with it on screen was priceless.

·         Zorg ZF-1- The Fifth Element
o   The ZF-1 holds a rocket launcher, poison arrow launcher, machine gun with replay capability, net launcher, and flamethrower and freeze ray. This Zorg wielding weapon is one of the stars of the awesome and underrated Fifth Element. Its basically a gun that can do anything in the world. Also, just remember; don’t push the little red button.

·         Jericho Missle- Iron Man
o   Not only does the missile break into 16 individual missiles while in flight, but even Tony Stark guarantees “the bad guys won’t even want to come out of their caves.” The shockwave alone could do some damage, but the missile itself will blow a hole in the side of any mountain. Other than Iron Man himself, this was one of the highlighted weapons of the film, and we only get around 1.5 minutes of it.

·         Rail Gun- Eraser
o   Arnold Schwarzenegger has held quite a few guns in his acting career, but few are as intimidating as his pair of railguns in Eraser. Even cooler than the explosive results of firing a railgun in Eraser is the plasma trail it leaves behind. The swirly, blue trail is eye-popping and adds an extra level of awesome to the weapon. And don’t forget the night-vision scope on the side of the gun, which even uses X-ray technology to see through walls. Arnold, you have done well for yourself. Even Michael Cain cant defeat this awesome weapon.

·         Noisy Cricket- Men in Black
o   Not every weapon has to look like much, as long as its bite is big, loud and deadly. When Agent J (Will Smith) takes the puny little Noisy Cricket from Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones), he is understandably upset. Only when he fires the pinkie-sized gun does he understand its power. The weapon not only takes a chunk out of its target, but propels the shooter back dozens of feet. It is quite the weapon, and steals the show in this film with tons of futuristic weapons.

·         Explosive Nose Charge- Mission Impossible III
o    On a helicopter to safety, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) attempts to save his damsel in distress (Keri Russell), but she dies seconds before he can help her. A charge, planted inside her nose, created a micro-burst that essentially imploded her brain. The result was a disgusting mess of internal debris. The device is unbelievably fast in its action. Once triggered, it is a matter a milliseconds before death overcomes its victims. Once implanted in the nose of Hunt, it took a defibrillator to counteract the charge. It is difficult to describe just how intense the moments before death can be for a victim of this weapon. A bomb in your nose, that is the definition of an Awesome Weapon.

·         Liam Neeson’s Fists-Every Movie Ever
o   Yes, Liam Neeson himself is one of the best weapons ever.

·         Chuck Norris
o   If Liam Neeson is one of the Gods, Chuck Norris created him.

·         VX Gas- The Rock
o   If the rocket renders it aerosol, it could take out an entire city of people… It’s a cholinesterase inhibitor. Stops the brain from sending nerve messages down the spinal cord within thirty seconds. Any epidermal exposure or inhalation and you’ll know. A twinge at the small of your back as the poison seizes your nervous system…Your muscles freeze, you can’t breathe, you spasm so hard you break your own back and spit your guts out. But that’s after your skin melts off. Well put, Cage, well put.

·         Chain mace- Kill Bill Vol. I
o    In the hands of the sinister Gogo Yubari, it is even more lethal. The ball and chain has many options. It is used to choke, slice and strike The Bride. Although the weapon is her bread and butter, it also indirectly helped The Bride kill Gogo.  A beautiful school girl wielding a Chain malice, thank you Quentin Tarantino.

·        Telephoto Rifle- The Jackal
o   Arms dealer Ian Lamont (Jack Black) gave The Jackal exactly what we wanted. The long-range gun is controlled by cell phone or computer and may be aimed using a joystick. The rounds are made from depleted uranium, adding even more menace to the already lethal weapon. Even without The Jackal behind the trigger, it would be on this list. Bruce Willis standing behind this gun gave me nightmares as a child.

·         Sharks with Frickin Laser Beams Attached to Their Heads- Austin Powers: International man of Mystery
o   This is no joke. Dr. Evil was on to something in the Austin Powers films when he asked for “sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads.” Unaware of his own budget at first, he was given sea bass with laser beams attached to their heads. But eventually he got his way.

·         Bullwhip- Indiana Jones
o   The bullwhip has saved countless lives, swung Indiana Jones over deadly pits, snagged guns from enemy hands, strangled a handful of foes and even gave the hero a chin scar as a teenager. It has been through quite the journey, and to my knowledge, has never been replaced. One of the best, non-deadly weapons in cinema history.

·         Little Friend- Scarface
o   One of the most quoted scenes in movie history has its fame thanks to the customized grenade launcher belonging to Tony Montana (Al Pacino) in Scarface. During his last stand, Montana fends off a handful of assassins from atop his staircase using bullets and grenades. It truly is a piece of incredible machinery, even out of Montana’s lethal hands.
While the weapon is powerful enough to kill dozens of people, it has limited magazine capacity. Moreover, it may have been Montana’s wild nature, but the accuracy is pitiful. With a few minor tweaks, this could have been the best weapon ever.

·         The Twin Golden Guns- Face Off
o   One of my favorite movies and characters of all-time, Face-Off’s Castor Troy is freaky and awesome. He gets cooler and cooler with every scene. But his peak comes when he reveals his matching twin Golden Guns with Dragon handles. Need I say more?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Unsolvable Trivia Revealed!!!!!!

Highlight to see answer!!!!!
1) Eric Bana played the angry Green Hulk
2)Wolfgang Peterson directed Outbreak in which a deadly virus is carried around by a monkey.
3) Achilis and the other characters of Troy are quite legendary.
4) The story and film Troy surrounds the very famous Trojan Horse.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Sons Of Anarchy Is Moving Up On MY List Of All-Time Shows.

I was skeptical just like you are right now. A show about a biker gang? Can this really be that good? To that I answer Yes!!!!!!!! This show is awesome and amazing and riveting. Essentially, the show is about a biker group named the Sons of Anarchy who are the founding chapter of a West Coast chain of bikers. Owning a repair shop on the surface, the group actually smuggles and sells firearms. The gun-running bikers must deal with everything from internal club struggles, to the prosecuting IFA, to rival gangs. The show and its characters are riveting, intriguing and mostly consist of anti-heroes. These bikers murder, steal and beat up people but yet you still love them. The music and soundtrack is really amazing as serves the show perfectly. But the real star of the show is actually the stars of the show.

The SOA is led by Clay Morrow, an “original 9” member of the group who has become the undeniable leader of the gang and serves as its President. Clay is played by Ron Perlman (Blade II, Hellboy). Perlman brings a grittiness and wise-man attitude to the role and you just always feel like there is something in his past you should know but don’t. He is 1000% devoted to the group and is willing to do things others are not for the safety of his brothers.
Clay is married to Gema Teller Morrow  played brilliantly by Katey Sagal. Segal is best known for her hysterical role as the wife of Ted Bundy on Married With Children. Sagal in my opinion is the real star of the show. She gives you a different performance than you have ever seen as the “Old Lady” of the gang.  With her hands in all the clubs activity, Gema is the backbone and heart of the group. Her character sacrifices everything for the success of the group and she steals many of the most emotional scenes.

The advertised and actual star of the show is Jackson “Jax” Teller. Born to infamous John Teller and Gema, he is essentially raised in the group by Clay and Gema. He has become the groups VP and perhaps the smartest, most strategic and morally centered person on the show. The show truly revolves around Jax as he struggles with his loyalty for the club and his desire (and his father’s desire) to get out of the dangerous gun-running life. His renewed relationship with Dr. Tara Knowles, helps Jax keep his moral center. But don’t be fooled by his sweet baby face and long hair, Jax can be ruthless when he needs to be and when he gets crossed. Thankfully for the audience, he gets screwed quite often.

The rest of the supporting cast is amazing. Mark Boone Junior (Bobby Elvis) is awesome as the wise best friend, Kim Coate (Tig) is that club member who will do anything and everything, and Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) is mr. old reliable. A breakout star in the show is Ryan Hurst as Opie. Hurst for those of you who recognize him, played Gerry Bertier in the awesome Remember the Titans. Hurst is Jax’s best friend and another morally centered member of the club. He is asked a lot out of the role and thankfully Hurst is up to the task. Even a part time role by Ally Walker (The Profiler) as agent June Stahl just helps you recognize how good the acting in this show is.
Basically, this show is awesome, check it out!

Movie Trivia!!!!!!

This Actor loves the color Green.
This Director is fearful of monkeys.
This film is a thing of legends.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Amazing Video!!!!!! Must Watch!!!!!

You must watch this NYU Films School Senior Project!
It is honestly one of the most clever things I have ever seen!


Trivia Answer Revealed!

Congrats to Dani Kohn on getting yesterday's trivia.
Here is the answer!
Will Ferrell is the master (megamind)
Adam Mckay loves to go fast (talladega nights)
Anchorman (sex panther is illegal in 9 countries)