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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The 30 Best Actors In Hollywood!

Leonardo DiCaprio
In my humble opinion there is no actor breathing better than King Leo. Leo has been amazing in all his films and his acting is second to none. His performances in What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Gangs of New York, The Departed, Shutter Island, Catch me If You Can, Titanic  The Beach, Inception and Blood Diamond are all simply fabulous. Please someone try and name me a better actor in Hollywood.
Tom Hanks
Forrest Gump
With back-to-back Oscar wins for Philadelphia and Forrest Gump, Hanks is one of the few true kings of Hollywood. With classics like Splash, Big, Toy Story, Saving Private Ryan and Cast away under his belt, Hanks can make a strong claim for the #1 spot. He will forever charm us with that boy-next-door appeal.
Robert De Niro
The Godfather II
Goodfellas, Meet the Parents, The Godfather(Oscar), Casino, Raging Bull (Oscar), Analyze This, Taxi Driver, Once Upon A Time In America, Deer Hunter, Heat, The Fan, and Silver Lining Playbook. Enough said.
Daniel Day-Lewis
Gangs of New York
While I have put Leo and Tom ahead of him, I can easily say that DDL is the best actor in all of Hollywood. No one emerses himself in roles more than DDL. His performances in Last Of The Mohicans, There Will Be Blood, Gangs of New york and Lincoln are some of the greatest performances ever seen on film. He is on his way to a 3rd Oscar Win, (never accomplished before). DDL is simply awe-inspiring to watch.
Denzel Washington
Training Day
With 2 Oscars and five nominations, Denzel is one of the most proven actors today. He brings a sense of calm to all his roles, even when he plays ruthless killers and drug kingpins. Still a dominant force today, Denzel has the acting chops to take on almost any role. His 5 nominations were for Glory, Training day, The Hurricane, Malcom X and Cry Freedom.
Morgan  Freeman
The Shawshank Redemption
You hear Freeman's voice and you feel safe at home. Freeman is the actor you see everywhere and never disappoints. His perfomances in Se7en, Shawshank, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Driving Miss Daisy, Invictus, Glory and Gone Baby Gone are some of the most classic performances of all-time. Freeman is truly a Hollywood legend and an amazing talent.
Jim Carrey
Truman Show
Though known for his comedic prowess (Ace Ventura, Dumb and Dumber, Liar-Liar, Bruce Almighty), Carrey is a very very underrated actor. His serious performances in The Cable Guy, The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind prove what a talent Carrey really is.
Brad Pitt
Though known has a pretty boy, Brad Pitt is an awesome actor. His recent roles in Killing Them Softly and Moneyball earned him wide praise and deservingly so. His other fabulous performances include The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Assasination of Jesse James, Se7en, Spy Game, Snatch, Sleepers and  12 Monkeys. Oh and of course, who could forget his stint as Tyler Durton in Fight Club, pure magic.
Al Pacino
The Godfather 
Along with having the greatest pump up speech ever (Any Given Sunday), Pacino is one of the best actors ever. The Godfather, Scarface, Heat, Dog Day Afternoon, Scent of a Woman (Oscar), Serpico, Carlito's Way, and City Hall are all on his resume. Pacino can handle any role and does it like a champ.
Sean Penn
Mystic River
There are few actors who have two Oscars for best actor, Penn is one of them. Sean Penn is one of the most versitle actors ever. His ability to truly adapt a character has earned him 5 total Best Actor nods. His roles as a Gay Activist in Milk, greiving father in Mystic River and a mentally challenged father in I Am Sam, are all amazing.
Russell Crowe
With an awsome accent and strong presence on screen, Crowe has won over audiences throughout the years. He has won an Oscar for Gladiator while also being nominated for The Insider and A Beautiful Mind. Very few in Hollywood have the commanding presence of this New Zealander.
Johnny Depp
Pirates Of The Caribbean
Thank god John Christopher Depp dropepd out of school at 15. Johnny Depp is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood. His ability to create awesome characters has earned him a reputation. From roles like Edward Scissorhands to Ed Wood, Depp has shined over the last two decades. His crowning jewel is the amazingly drunkard Captain Jack Sparrow.
Will Smith
Men In Black
The Prince of Bel-Air has become the highest paid actor in all of Hollywood. Since Independence Day, Smith has become a box office staple with huge hits like Men in Black, The Pursuit of Happiness, 7 Pounds, and Ali (which he was nominated for an Oscar). In addition to the goofy lovable guy  in Hitch, Smith can really act. Go watch 7 Pounds and The Pursuit of Happiness and you will see what an awesome actor Smith really is.
Christian Bale
American Psycho
It is hard for people to think of Bale as anything other than Batman or the Newsies but the reality is that he is an excellent actor. While he was very very good as Batman in Nolan's trilogy, Bale truly shined in American Psycho and The Machinist. The latter two films show how deverse Bale could be. From being a high powered serial killer to an ematiated factory worker, Bale shows us why he is one of the most talented people in Hollywood.
Health Ledger
The Dark Knight
In his short life, Ledger became of the greatest young actors to ever live. From Hearthrob (10 Things I Hate About You) to Gay Cowboy his performances in Brokeback Mountain, Monsters Ball and the Dark Knight are pieces of art. His role as the Joker prior to his untimely death is the greatest character transformation in the past few decades, possibly ever.
Kevin Spacey
American Beauty
Jeff Bridges
The Big Lebowski
With True Grit, Iron Man, Crazy Heart, and Arlington Road under his belt, Bridges is a proven fantastic actor. But his role as the Dude is one of the greatest and most amusing characters of all-time.
Geoge Clooney
The Descendants
Clooney has risen from the ashes of TV and become a bonafied awsome actor. Thoughe he is well known for his boyish charm, Clooney is a very good actor. His roles in Up In The Air, Ocean's Eleven, and The American are all great acting jobs. But his crown jewels are The Descendants and Syriana (which he won an Oscar for supporting role). In my opinion, Clooney's role in The Descendants was one of the best performances in the past 20 years.
Ed Norton
Fight Club
Edward Norton is one of my perosnal favorites in Hollywood. I have never watched a film of his and not been impressed. Specifically, 4 performances of his have earned him this spot on the list. Fight Club, American History X, Primal Fear and Rounders. These are all top top notch performances. He also has some greats like The Illusionist, Death to Smoochy, The Score, The Italian Job, and 25th Hour under his belt.
Samuel L. Jackson
Pulp Fiction
Samuel L is Hollywood. One of the more well known actors around the world, SLJ has played every role and them some. From Pulp Fiction, to Jackie Brown to Unbreakable and Snakes on a Plane, Jackson has quite the resume. Even though I always know what I am getting from him, Samuel is a pleasure to watch.
Nicholas Cage
For all the horrible movies he makes, Nick Cage throws in some gems as well. His performances in Adaptation, Leaving Las Vegas, matchstick Men, National Treasure, Face Off, The Rock, Conair, and Raising Arizona all prove that he is better than most people think. Cage has an Oscar under his belt and though he makes every bad movie, we know those acting skills are in there somewhere.
Javiar Bar Diem
No Country For Old Men
Bar Diem is an engaging actor. He has the rare ability to suck you in and make you love/hate his characters. From his oscar nominated performance in Buitiful to his horrifying villian in Skyfall, Bar Diem knows how to truly create a character. But nothing he has done compares to the awesome villian he played in No Country For Old Men. He made that film and made a herd gun famous again.
Joseph Gordan Levitt
JGL has taken Hollywood by storm. The actor got his start on 3rd Rock From the Sun but has become quite the Hollywood star. With some great acting performances as a youngster in Mysterious Skin and The Lookout, JGL has proven he can act. More recently, his Hesher, 500 Days of Summer, and 50/50 have earned him wide praise for his acting. He has also become quite the action star with great roles in films such as Premium Rush, Looper, Inception and The Dark Knight.
Tom Cruise
Top Gun
Bruce Willis aside, Cruise has owned the title of top Action hero in Hollywood. His transition from superstar to action hero reflects his filmography. From Jerry Maguire, A Few Good Men, to Mission Impossible, Minority Report and Top Gun, Cruise is a bonafide star with some serious acting chops.
Tom Hardy
A little boy when he got his first role in Black Hawk Down, Hardy has become quite an amazing actor. Over the last few years he has had some great performances including Inception and Lawless. But three performances really stick out. 1) In Warrior, Hardy does an amazing job playing a troubled fromer Marine who becomes a cage fighter. 2) In The Dark Knight Rises, he is mesmarizing as the villian Bane. 3) In his best role ever Bronson, Hardy plays infamous criminal Charles Bronson, a truly amazing performance.
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig is the new Bond and he does it beautifuly. Aside from his awesome Bond performances, Craig has been great in other films such as Girl with A Dragon Tatoo, Munich, Definace, and Road To Perdition.
Michael Caine
The Cider House Rules
Michael Caine is everyone favorite wise old man. A persnoal favorite of Christopher Nolan's, Caine is excellent in everything he does. From The Quiet American (oscar nom) to the Cider House Rules (oscar win) to Alfie (nom) to The Dark Knight Rises, to Inception to the Prestige, to Flawless, to Children of Men, to Harry Brown, Caine has been impressing viewers for over 50 years and the scary thing is that he continues to get better.
Philip Seymore Hoffman
Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead
PSH is an amazing actor. I personally love him everytime he is on screen. From more serious roles like Capote (Oscar)  to hillarious roles like The Big Lebowski and Along Came Polly, Hoffman is always good. He was esspecially amazing in The Master (nom), Doubt(nom), The Savages and Before the Devil Knows Youre Dead. Trust me watch the latter film.
Robert Downey Jr.
Iron Man
RDJ was always a talented actor but he has truly shined as of late. His Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes characters are truly fantastic. They are both characters we love and hate yet cant stop watching. He was nominated for his performances in Chaplin and Tropic Thunder, both of which are two of my favorite performances in my lifetime.
Gary Oldman
Tailor Tinker Soldier Spy
Commisioner Gordon has been a great actor for a long time. From a evil cop in The Professional to a spy in Tailor Tinker Soldier Spy (nominated), to a wizard in Harry Potter Oldman is a great and classic Hollywood actor who never gives a bad performance despite how bad a movie can be.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent Article, I love how you broke it down. I do not necessarily argue with the "overall" order but I just have a difference of opinion with some of your selected BEST ROLES. But, there are some I agree with so much and am just glad someone agrees.

    I still think Hanks was amazing in Forrest Gump, but how he was able to entertain the audience for 75+ minutes w/ minimal dialogue in Castaway is a testament to his skill/appeal. I've said for years I think it's one of the most underrated films of all time.

    Will Smith's greatest acting achievement, in my opinion, is Pursuit of Happyness. It's one of the few times you watch a Will Smith movie and not see ANY resemblance/throwback to Fresh Prince. He truly transformed himself in that role, and although he was solid in MIB and was stellar in Ali, 'Happyness' is his best yet, IMO.

    I love how you selected Jeff Bridges in Lebowski and Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. Both of those films are on my top 10-15 and primarily because of the great lead performances. Although both had other great films, (Crazy Heart, Usual Suspects, respectively), still these should be considered their "best."

    Personally, I think Clooney was better in Michael Clayton than in Descendants, but both were well done. Neither, however, were that amazing to nab him the much deserved Oscar.

    I think Gordon-Levitt was under-appreciated in Inception. Besides his commitment to the role, and how you totally forgot he was a punk kid from 10 things i hate about you and 3rd rock, he did his own stunts. Balls to the wall.

    Cruise was excellent in Rainman, The Firm and Jerry Maguire. In Top Gun Maverick character is so cheesy, you couldn't take him seriously. Just how I stand...

    Any thoughts?