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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why I Love An Awesome Marriage Proposal.

I would like to officially announce my engagement to the beautiful and amazing Zahava Goldofsky. After repeating the story of how I proposed 100 times, it had me thinking, what are the best documented marriage proposals of all time. Enjoy!!!!
·         Movie Theater Surprise
In this amazing and all-time great proposal, a unassuming bride to be is at the movies and watching a trailer, a trailer about her boyfriend proposing to her.
·         Old Spice Man
If you would want your girl to cheat on you with anyone, it would have to be the awesomely manly Old Spice Commercial Man. So why not have him propose for you!
·         Muppet Proposal
Every girl at some point had a doll or stuffed animal. Tapping into that with an all Muppet proposal? Genius.
·         Movie Trailer #2 (or for those who know me #3)
What if you saw a beautifully done movie trailer but realized all the actors were actually your family members? Take a look.
·         Lip Dub Special
In one of the most amazing and beautifully choreographed dance proposal ever, this guy had his girl listen to a song with headphones as every person she had ever met performed a lip dub routine.     
·         FiancĂ© Dies
In the most amazing wedding proposal I have ever seen, you witness a girl hearing will you marry me right before her fiancé dies (or does he). CHECK THIS OUT!!!!
·         Josh Turner Special
A friend of mine proposed to his wife surprising her outside her apartment while singing her favorite song. This is a personal favorite.
·         A Disney Musical
In this awesome proposal, a singing groom surprises his girl with a musical number among a crowd of strangers at Disney World.

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