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Friday, June 1, 2012

Why I Love A Good Movie Trailer (Part II).

Here is part two of this amazing segment. I apologizing for including #15 last time so here are the top #14 movie trailers.

14. Paranormal Activity 2 2010
Some of the scariest scenes ever come from these films. The trailers captured it all.

13. District 9 2009
Awesome movie, awesome trailer.

12. Casino Royale 2006
In his first stint as Bond, Daniel Craig, gave every a sigh of relief as he kicked butt in this trailer, reassuring everyone that the franchise was going to be just fine.

11. The Departed 2006
Answer me this, how good can a movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg, Alec Baldwin, and Jack Nicholson really be?  According to the trailer…pretty DAMN good!

10. Transformers 2007  
This childhood love of mine came to life in 2007. The trailers not only had me excited but they had me pumped up like crazy. Michael Bay is the king of Awesomeness and this trailer fell in line.

9. Matrix Reloaded 2003
The second installment of the Matrix franchise was an underrated film and I felt the trailer was quite awesome. Considering the hype this movie had after The Matrix became such a cult hit, the trailer surely didn’t disappoint.

8. Terminator Salvation 2009
Though this movie fell short in theaters, the long awaited return of the Terminator franchise was hyped up to wazoo. Of course it didn’t hurt having Christian Bale star as the human savior John Conner. Bad movie, very good trailer.

7. Sin City
This piece of art got pretty good reviews overall. Based on the famous graphic novel, Sin City was the first of a slew of films all of graphic novels. There is no doubt the trailer had us all dying for more.

6. X-men First Class 2011
I loved this film. I thought it was done beautifully and did an amazing job of tying in all of the history related to the X-Men. The first trailer for the film was beautiful as it introduced us to the characters who who make up the beloved X-Men.

5. 300 2006
With Nine Inch Nails in the background, the most epic movie of all time was amazing epic. Cmon, a little battled kid about to fight a beast. Thank you!

4. Battle: Los Angeles 2011
While the film fell a little flat, this trailer is awesome. The music is riveting and there are some very iconic images.

3. The Dark Knight 2010
The greatest villain ever, deserves the one of the best trailers, and he got it. Nolan is a master at marketing campaigns and his trailer was awesome, featuring the amazing Joker.

2. Inception 2009
From the music to the screen shots, Christopher Nolan nailed it  with this trailer of his international phenomenon. You cannot watch this and feel a need to see the film.

1.       Alien 1979
In my opinion there is no greater trailer ever than the horrifying Ridley Scott film. Just remember, “In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream.”

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