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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why Tiger Woods May be the Greatest Athlete in My Lifetime. (Part I)

In the 25.5 years I have been alive, there have been some amazing athletes. In an analysis of the best athletes of my lifetime, I came across some amazing athletes.
Honorable Mention:

Roger Federer
Pro- With the all-record of grand slams, consecutive wins, consecutive weeks as #1 and all-time grand slam matches won, Federer has quite the resume.
Con- He was unable to defeat and was perhaps surpassed by both Nadal and Djokovich. Though considered the best ever by some, RF is sometimes not even considered the best player of his generation.

Patrick Roy
Pro- Roy is the best goalie of my lifetime, Roy ended his career with the 3 cups and he just dominated the NHL setting basically every goalie record that counted.
Con- Martin Broeduer.

Lionel Messi
Pro- I have never seen someone more dynamic or magical on the pitch. Breaking records daily, the Barcelona star produces magic every game.
Con- Messi has not won a world cup or Olympic gold for the always favored Argentina. His lifespan as the best player in the world, like most soccer players, will be short.

Michael Jordan
Michael Phelps
Tiger Woods
Tom Brady
Part two to arrive soon.

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