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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Why I Think Franklin and Bash and Suits Are In An Elite Group.

Movies and TV shows have long taken advantage of the drama that inherently consumes the court room. With drama already inserted into many diverse cases, it only makes sense that there would be some great TV Lawyer/Courtroom shows over the years. In my opinion, a Lawyer show needs two things to be greatly successful. The first being awesome courtroom work. Whether it be drama or watching a genius lawyer figure out a last minute argument, no Laywer show can be considered great without some great moments of the stars in their element. The second is a great, interesting, and relatable staff. You see, if I cant relate to the lawyers on a personal level, I at least want to be amazing at their genius. Two of my favorite Lawyer shows of all time are currently on TV this summer. Franklin and Bash as well as Suits are two awesome shows with a pair of lawyers you will come to love. F&B is a little more on the playful side but each show will have you begging for more of these characters. Casting props should go out to both of these shows. Here are some of the best lawyer shows of all time.

L.A. LAW (1986-1994)
This was the first lawyer show I had ever heard of when I was little. The show depicted a law firm in LA made up smart, drive and of course sexy lawyers. Many say this show was the ground breaker which many of today’s shows are based on.

LAW & ORDER (1990- )
The record breaking show has spawned off some of the most consistent and successful shows ever. Producer Dick Wolf is said to have conceived the show’s format—first half, investigation and arrest; second, trial and verdict—after watching tapes of a British show while working as a writer on the 1980s hit Miami Vice. The show is legendary for its twisted takes on real-life legal issues,  and has won over millions of fans across the county.

 THE PRACTICE (1997-2004)
This was the first lawyer show I can remember people falling in love with. Bobby Donnell was a handsome, driven defense attorney who surrounded himself at the self-named firm of Robert Donnell & Associates with talented lawyers who lacked the pedigree necessary to cut it in BigLaw. They made up the difference with street smarts and sheer tenacity.  Fans fell in love with both courtroom and law office drama.

ALLY McBEAL (1997-2002)
This show was quite successful but not for its court room prowess. Ally McBeal was more like Felicity if Felicity worked in a law office. Regardless, the show was a hit while it aired and always had a big following.

BOSTON LEGAL (2004-2008)
James Spader played Alan Shore, a politically incorrect jerk (deep down he has a good heart) who lands a job with his friend and mentor Denny Crane (William Shatner), a cranky conservative who seems to have lost any semblance of a social filter. The show was a break-off of The Practice but definitely had its own feel to it. The shows quick and witty bantor is some of the best ever seen on TV. This show completely revitalized William Shatner’s career.

 DAMAGES (2007- )
A personal favorite of mine, Damages is now in its 5th season. The show follows NY’s most ruthless and feared lawyer, Patty Hewes  (Award Winning Glenn Close) as she takes down the biggest corporations. Ellen Parsons is a brilliant law school grad who goes to work for and gets a little too close to Patty. The show takes real life cases and turns them into entire seasons of beautifully crafted drama. First few seasons are among the best ever on TV.

F&B starts its second season this summer. The show follows the conquests of two best friends as they make the move from private to corporate lawyers while maintain the unorthodox methods that got them to where they were. The show stars Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Zack Morris). They are quite funny characters and with their crack team find amazing ways to win cases.

SUITS (2011- )
This awesome lawyer drama follows big hotshot Harvey Spector and his sidekick Mike Ross. The nitch of the show is that Ross, who is one of those cure cancer brilliant minds, is not actually a lawyer but this secret is kept between Harvey and Mike. The show has its humor but amazingly nails a dramatic note as well. A very good supporting cast helps the duo as well. 


  1. I'm glad you listed my favorite law show ever...Boston Legal! I will forever love Alan Shore (James Spader) and Denny Crane (William Shatner). Never would I have ever guessed that the teaming of Spader and Shatner would create a terrific comedy team; add to that Spader's great dramatic work (and some by Shatner as well), and David E. Kelley's marvelous dialogue and it just can't be matched.

  2. Wholeheartedly agree on F&B - love it - nice mix of humor and courtroom drama.

    But no love for the Good Wife?