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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Why I Love Awesome Movie Fights Part 4! (#10-#1)

10. The Boondock Saints
This cult classic is one of my favorites. With numerous of awesome scenes including a final scene that will give you chills, the famous MacManus brothers are no strangers to fights. But the best is without a doubt “THE FIRE FIGHT!”.

9. Avengers
The Avengers was better than anyone could have ever imagined. The stars of the film were without a doubt Ironman and the Hulk. They not only gave us the best action sequences, they were the funniest characters as well.

8. Kill Bill Vol. 2
The fight between the Bride and Elle Driver is awesome. The scene is both violent, gruesome, and calm. I don’t know how that makes sense but it does. Oh and the fight ends with Ms. Kiddo snatches Elle’s eye ball and then steps on it!

7. Transformers 3
There were tons of awesome fight sequences in this trilogy. The best in my opinion is the final fight between Optimus Prime, Sentinal Prime and Megatron. Optimus asserts his dominance and takes names doing it.

6. Casino Royale
James Bond is no stranger to awesome fights.  In his first stint as Bond, Craig had some great fights but none better than this bathroom fist fight. In this bathroom brawl, Bond destroys his enemy. It aint pretty but its Bond.

5. Fast Five
With a combined 5000 pounds of muscle, the Rock and Vin Diesel gave audiences what they wanted. The two mammoth men take brawling to new heights in this intense ground fight. They may not be able to act, but they can definitely fight.

4. The Dark Knight Rises
The only movie to make the list twice. The second fight between Batman and Bane shows the true force and brutality of these two characters. I remember watching this fight in IMAX and being shocked by the power of these two. Just watch Bane’s series of punches. WOW!

3. Kick Ass
Hit Girl is one of the greatest movie characters ever. Her dirty mouth and awesome fighting skills make her so freaking entertaining. When she breaks into a room full of criminals, she shows them who is boss.

2. Kill Bill Vol. 1
Before the Bride can avenge O-Ren Ishii, she must go through the entire Crazy 88s and a Chinese meteor hammer wielding school-girl. The scene is without a doubt the deadliest and bloodiest scene of all-time. Oh and yes, it is all with swords as guns don’t exist in this world of Tarantino.

1. The Matrix
Though this entire film should be on this list, ill include them all into one. From bullet dodging, to time stopping, to hand to hand combat, this film had it all and redefined the movie fight. Truly one of the best scenes ever.

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