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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Why I Love The Best Movie Fight Scenes! Part 3

Let's continue!


This film has tons of fights but the best are the Battle of Carthage and the Gauntlet. Before facing off against Tigers and a gladiator champion, Maximus proves himself against a number of chariots and a gauntlet of foes. He kills them all and takes names.

19. Fight Club
There are tons of fights in this duly named film. The best has to be either Ed Norton beating himself up or the brutal fight between Norton’s nameless character and Jared Leto’s Angel Face. You can’t really blame the nameless character for his brutality, he simply “felt like destroying something beautiful.”

18. Rocky 4
Despite being the most unrealistic and staged boxing fight ever, the fight between Rocky and Ivan Drago is awesome. The music, the montages and the glistening bodies add up to movie magic. The site of both these men still sends chills down my back. ROCKY ROCKY ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!
                                               (DISCLAIMER: MALE NUDITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

17. Eastern Promises 
Viggo Mortensen etched his name into history with this violent film. In this scene, a naked fight ensues in a steamy bathhouse between Viggo and his enemies. The rawness of this scene is simply amazing and disturbing in all the right ways.

16. Spiderman 2
There were numerous fights from this film, but the amazing battle between Spidey and Doc Ock on and in a subway train is the best.  The fight, combined with Spidey’s avoidance of everything in his path is arguably the best fight scene in Spidey History.

15. Oldboy
You may not know this movie but you should. The famous scene of Oh-Dae Su and a corridor of henchmen is awesome. With nothing but a claw hammer, Su gives us a bloodbath. Its pure, its bloddy, it’s a classic.

14. Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions
Both of these films has some amazing fight sequences, too many to list. Here are some of the best.

13. 300
No one will ever forget the day that 300 Spartans stood strong. This film changed movies visually forever and that is due to the amazing fights. Death, hand to hand combat, and chiselled abs spells a top 15 spot on this list.

12. The Raid-Redemption
This film was awesome. A crime lord traps a swat team in an apartment building and orders the entire population to kill them. GO HOME AND WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!!!

11. King Kong
I saw this movie for this scene alone. King Kong declares his dominance in the jungle with an awesome fight against the T-Rexes of the wild. Kong ends the fight by snapping the dinosaur’s jaws; a pure display of strength and dominance. 

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