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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Why I Love The Best Fight Scenes Ever! Part 1

As we head into Thanksgiving, I would like to say how thankful I am for all the amazing fight scenes we have been blessed to witness. This will be multi-part post. Enjoy!

50. Aliens
Ripley uses a souped-up forklift to fight off the gigantic queen.  She is finally able to defeat the Queen after luring her into a cargo lock before shipping her off into space. This iconic fight lives in sci-fi infamy.

49. Sudden Death
Jean Claud Van Dam is the man. Watching him save the Stanley Cup was awesome but his fight scene with a giant Penguin was even better. Eventually, JCVD is able to defeating his foe using nothing other than a deep-fat frier. Classic Van Dam.

48. Warrior King
In this kung fu film, Tony Jaa unleashes fury on the bad guys. This guy just goes around snapping bones and loving it. Check this out.

47. Batman Begins
In his first stint as Batman, Christian Bale brings a raw toughness to the character. This rawness can be seen in every fight scene. Here is just a taste of the awesomeness. 

46. Commando
This lesser known Schwarzenegger film is one of if not my favorite. The awesomely painted Arnold takes on  Bennett with nothing but an awesome army knife and oh ya, an exhaust pipe. “Let Off Some Steam, Bennett.”

45.The Punisher
This underrated film was highlighted by an awesome fight with none other than Kevin Nash. Thomas Jane takes him on in an awesome fight that goes all over the small duplex. Thanks for the punishment.

44. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 2
This may have been the most anticipated battle scene ever. With The battle of Hogwarts underway, Harry and his friends fight off the evil Voldemort and his legion of villains. It was everything we wanted.

43. The Lion King
This is probably the first fight scene I have ever seen. When Simba and his pals take on Scar, I was frightened and amazing. This fight opened my eyes to movie fights as Simba sends the evil uncle over the cliff.

42. Sin City
 The Awesome fight between Marv and the scary Kevin was awesome. In this rematch of sickos, Marv has some tricked up his sleeve and a clever in his pocket. Thank Sin City for this gruesome classic.

41. Die Hard 2
John McClane takes on two villains on the wing of a moving plane, sending one hurtling into the engine before making a death-defying leap back to saftey. Having previously breached the plane’s fuel tank, McClane reaches for his lighter and sends the whole thing up in flames. Yippie-kay-ay motherf*cker.

40. The Bourne Ultimatum
Jason Bourne should have his own countdown. He fights hard, with guns and even hand-to-hand combat. In close quarters there is no one better. In one seen we see him fighting the evil agent Desh, the results are just awesome.

39. Sherlock Holmes
The new take on Holmes was a great reboot. In the first film, a more graphic and violent Holmes is brought into the picture. The film’s best scene involved Holmes in a bare-knuckle fight in which Sherlock describes and predicts every move in the fight and then continues to follow through with his plan. WOW!

38. Anchorman
A fight between a quartet of rival news teams is amazing. With every comedic genius of the last 15 years in the scene, brutality and comedy ensue. Oh and did I mention there is a trident!

37. The Empire Strikes Back
The Star Wars empire is no stranger to great fights. While many could have made this list, the fight between Luke and Darth Vader is simply epic. 

36. X-Men First Class
In this absolutely awesome reboot to an awesome movie franchise, we are introduced to many of the major X-Men. But the emergence of Magnito (Fassbender) as the powerful force that he becomes is truly amazing. He literally fought off a nuclear war.

35. Mr. And Mrs. Smith
I am not embarrassed to say that I enjoyed this film and its action sequences. The turning point in the film is a hand to hand fight between Mr. and Mrs. which ends with a roll in the hay. This fight had action and chemistry.

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