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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I Love The Best Fight Scenes Ever! Part 2

34. Top Gun
This high octane film is the macho film for the macho man. The intense fighter plane dog fights make for some great cinema.

33. Watchmen
The opening scene of this film is awesome. When the Comedian faces off with a shadowy villain all hell breaks loose. The fight is intense and graphic, which makes it that great.

32. Braveheart
This film is no stranger to awesome fights. Some say the best scene is the first scene in which William Wallace explodes with anger and takes revenge on the English soldiers who killed his wife. But my favorite is the awesome battle with the English army in which Wallace gives his famous Freedom speech.

31. X-2

The final fight between Wolverine and Lady Deathstrike (horrible name) was awesome. Two people with claws for nails and regenerating powers seems like an endless battle. Thankfully, Wolverine had a few tricks in his bag.

30. Snatch

Let’s stay in the Bear-Knuckle genre. In this Guy Ritchie film, Brad Pitt (in an underrated role) plays One Punch Mickey who takes on a foe in a fist fight. When ordered to throw the fight, Mickey takes a beating before taking things into his own hands. The highlight needs to be the awesome uppercut which literally lifts Mickey off his feat.

29. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Indy faces off with a huge mustached mountain of a man. The two slug it out before Indy remembers the classic Ras Al Ghul saying, “Mind your surroundings.” Apparently, the Henchman didn’t hear the massive propellers coming.

28. Equilibrium
This underrated Sci-Fi features Christian Bale, Sean Bean and even Taye Diggs. The futuristic film features some of the best fighting and gun scenes ever captured on film, sadly, it didn’t get the hype that it should have.

27. The Karate Kid
What a classic film. No one who grew up in the late 80s and early 90s can forget this dramatic final scene. With a broken leg and the vicious Johny opposing him, the Crane Kick comes out of no where to save the day. Wax on, Wax off!

26. Terminator 2
Terminator versus the T-1000 was my childhood in a nutshell. I loved this fight from start to finish. The fight ended as every Arnold fight does, you think he is dead but one last back-from-the-dead shot wins the day.

25. Raging Bull
In this Deniro classic, Jake LaMotta takes on Sugar Ray Robinson and his face pays the price. The boxing scenes are still some of the best and Deniro’s face after a bloody encounter is still iconic till this day.

24. The Bourne Supremacy
Another Bourne film and another awesome fight. This hand to hand fight between Bourne and Jarda was awesome. Using literally everything they could to battle, these two characters etched their way onto this list.

23. Crouching Tiger
This nighttime fight highlights everything that was amazing about this film. The fighting and gravity defying jumping really changed movies forever.

22. The Wrestler
The Ram just punishes his body in an all out war. Using everything from thumb tacks, barbed wire and blunt instruments, we feel every blow as the Ram struggles after every shot to the head. This was an awesome fight.

21. The Dark Knight Rises
Bane vs Batman, enough said!

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