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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Why It Ain't So Easy Playing The President.

Throughout history there have been numerous actors who have taken their shot at serving as the President of the United States. It is not easy to dominate the oval office in TV and films. Many have failed to make us believe in that ‘presidential confidence’ while others have nailed the role. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst TV/Film US Presidents of all time.
The Worst

5. Robin Williams- Man of the Year
President Tom Dobbs was just so unbelievably annoying and the John Stewart story-line left us wanting more.  Robin was a poor casting choice here in a film that never decides on an identity, I definitely wouldn’t have voted for this President.

4. Geena Davis- Commander-in-Chief
Geena Davis is good in very specific roles, this was not one of them. Segourny Weaver was much more believable as a Female President. It almost felt like no one else said yes to this one or someone owed Davis a favor.

3. Chris Rock- Head of State
Rock starred as Mays Gilliam, a lowly councilman who becomes a pawn for one of the parties who surprisingly wins the election. While I thought this film was entertaining as Rock is always over the top funny, there was zero believability in this funny yet ridiculous film.

2. Patricia Wettig- Prison Break
I loved this show but I never understood this casting. As the source behind all the controversy, this VP who poisoned her way to the oval office was annoying and weak. I could never see her even being elected for town councilman position. Very poor choice to be our supreme leader.

1.    Michael Keaton- First Daughter
Keaton plays President MacKenzie who can’t control his daughter (Katie Holmes). Keaton is Batman and not very presidential. I love him in many roles, but this was not one of them.

The Best

10. John Travolta- Primary Colors
In this classic film, Travolta stars as a presidential hopeful who has that sly smile like that of Clinton. He is someone that makes us feel comfortable yet there is something about him you cant trust; essentially embodying every President ever.

9. Michael Douglas- The American President
President Andrew Sheapard was more interest in his press secretary than in foreign policy. That being said, I enjoyed Douglas as President and could easily imagine him in the role.

8. Bill Paxton- Independence Day
President Thomas J. Whitmore may have not been popular in the polls but he was popular in our hearts. Paxton was mediocre most of the film as our President in the alien takeover. However, his amazing ‘Independence Day’ speech was awesome and one of the highlights in this blockbuster.

7. Jon Voight- Pearl Harbor
His small yet powerful stint as FDR is one of the most moving and awesome Presidential roles in cinematic history. (there will eventually be a Blog Post about actors playing real life Presidents).

6. Harrison Ford- Air Force One
“Get off my plane” is one of those lines you will never forget. When his Air Force One gets hijacked, President James Marshall shows why not all Presidents are pansies. He kicks butt and takes names.

5. Jack Nicholson- Mars Attacks
President James Dale has that sleaziness a president needs and the smile to make us forget about it. I loved Nicholson’s job here. In a stupid yet entertaining film, I was left wanting to see Nicholson take the Presidency for real.

4. Jack Lemon, James Garner, and Dan Akroyd, My Fellow Americans
This is an all-time classic and a film I can watch over and over again. These three were so believe as President that when I first saw this film growing up I actually believe they were Presidents at one point in time.

3. Marry McDonnel- Battlestar Gallactica
This is my favorite Woman President ever. President Laura Roslin was someone I would follow into battle and also believe her domestic policy. She was amazingly calm and level headed as President and was one in opposition to War, which is always a nice relief.

 2. Morgan Freeman- Deep Impact
Freeman was awesome as President Tom Beck in this disaster film. If the world was coming to an end, I would want no one else to tell me it will all be ok. Freeman probably has the most calming and reassuring voice ever.

1. Martin Sheen- The West Wing
All of American fell in love with President Jed Bartlet. He was awesome and more importantly believable as the President in this long running Aaron Sorkin drama.


  1. Yitzi, Bill Pullman played the president in Independence Day, not Bill Paxton. Still enjoyable run-down.

  2. Just about to say what Jacob already commented on