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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why All the Favorites are Winning the Hollywood Bracket. (Elite 8 Picks)

If you are following the Hollywood Bracket you are surely aware that there is only 1 seed outside of the top 16 that have made the Sweet 16. As much as we all love upsets, sometimes the better man and star just wins. In this tournament, we are learning one thing. The movie stars that we all know and love are winning it out. If you are a front runner and filled out this bracket, chances are your bracket is looking very good right now. Samuel L. Jackson (6) defeated Dustin Hoffman (5) in the only upset if this was even an upset. We all love upsets. Who doesn’t watch March Madness and not root for an Ohio or Norfolk State. In sports we love underdogs but it would appear that when it comes to Hollywood, we simply love our stars. After two rounds here is where I stand.
Record: 45-3
Upset Picks: 6-3

Here are my picks to reach the Elite 8 picks.

Brando Region
·         Tom Hanks (1) has seen his career really slow down recently while Cruise (4) has had somewhat of resurgence lately. A piece of me would love to see an upset here because Cruise is just crazy enough to win the whole thing but I really see Hanks in the Elite 8. He is arguably one of the top 3 American actors of all time. Do you not remember watching just him and volleyball for 3 hours? Ask me to do the same with Tom Cruise and I may go crazy myself.
o   Winner: Hanks
·         The Leo (2) vs Jackson (6) is actually an interesting matchup. Both actors have fabulous careers, are huge Hollywood stars, and are well respected throughout the entire Hollywood world. There is no way this one will be a blow out. The only thing I have to lean on is that deep down I know Leo is a better actor and the truth is that every guy wants to be him. The one lower seed left will end his run here.
o   Winner: DiCaprio
Wayne Region
·         Washington (1) and Damon (4) are both big time movie stars in the same era. Obviously Denzel has an earlier start but Damon is a pretty big name out there. The issue for Damon here is that he has no distinct advantage over Washington. These two matchup almost too well and that doesn’t favor Mr. Bourne. If you think Mr. Bourne can kick some butt, go see Safe House.
o   Winner: Washington
·         De Niro (2) and Depp (3) is one of the most interesting matchups we have seen in the tourney. These actors are so different at this point in their careers. To be honest I can see the strange Depp in some of De Niro’s classics but recently De Niro has become quite classic, predictable and normal. Johnny Depp is not normal, though not in a bad way.  I love Depp and its possible he can pull off the upset here but I expect De Niro to pull it out. The truth is this one is a coin flip. I literally flipped a coin and it landed on the Taxi Driver.
o   Winner De Niro
Newman Region
·         I love Captain Jack (1) but I think I love Pitt (4) even more. I am going to go with my first major upset here. I know Jack is such a legend but Pitt is hot right now and seems to be just in favor with everyone you speak to. It’s a risky move but I like Pitt moving into the Elite 8.
o   Winner: Pitt
·          Before the tourney began you could have easily swapped both Freeman (3) and Clooney (2). Again, I think this is a bad matchup for Clooney. The only thing he has over Freeman is the looks and the Hollywood stud status. Other than that these two are dead even, and if anything it is Freeman who has the better and more accomplished career. Clooney is a star but not necessarily because of his movies. Freeman is a movie star.
o   Winner: Freeman
Stewart Region
·         If there was ever a legend that could take down the Queen of Hollywood (1), it would be the King of the Western (4). Eastwood has the acting and directing chops and is just tough enough to stand up to the Actress who can play anyone and do anything. I am feeling the upset bug and going to go with my gut on this one.  Do I feel lucky? Yes.
o   Winner: Eastwood
·         Pacino (2) and Ford (3) is a solid matchup and should come down to the wire. Both play each role with an old grittiness and a scratchy voice.  Ultimately when it came down to it I thought about both actors and all I could think about is a game of inches. So long Solo.
o   Winner: Pacino

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