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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I Dominated Round One of the Hollywood Bracket.

Round One of the Colin Cowherd’s Hollywood Bracket is over and the results are in. Second round voting is now underway. Here is how I fared in the first round:
Record: 30-2
Upset Picks: 5-2
Best Picks:
·         Will Ferrell (11) over Jodi Foster (6)
·         Adam Sandler (12) over Glen Close (6)
·         Ed Norton (10) over Daniel Day Lewis (7)
Worst Picks:
·         Stallone (12) lost to Douglas (5)
·         Robbins (6) lost to Costner (11)

Here are my second round picks.

Brando Region
·         While we all like a great villain (as is the case with Hannibal Lecter), we love our heroes more and Tom Hanks is one of our heroes. The all American actor is simply too good to lose this early. The 8th seeded Hopkins just doesn’t have the resume or the grandeur that Hanks has. Wilson and his buddy move into the sweet 16.
o   Winner: Hanks
·         This 4-5 matchup is a close one. Douglas (5) dominated the 80-90s and still has a strong name out there (the recent Wall Street revival helps). But Cruise(4) is Cruise and has helped himself in the last few years. Let’s be honest, we all kind of want to be Ethan Hunt a little bit. Cruise has won over enough men recently to earn the win but I expect a close one.
o   Winner: Cruise
·         This 3-6 matchup feels like it should be reversed. Hoffman (3) is a classic and will go down as a great but he is way past his prime. How many of us were alive when Tootsie and Rain Man came out? Though the lower seed, Samuel L. Jackson (6) is one of the most recognizable actors in the world and especially popular in the groups voting on this bracket. With the Avengers coming out this summer, Jackson is sure to win at the box office and I’m going to predict he wins with an upset here as well; albeit a close one.
o   Winner: Jackson
·         After his nice victory in the first round Smith (7) ran into a bad draw here. Leo as we know is “king of the world” and I think he will make the Sweet 16. Smith seems to have lost his focus over the last few years while paying some attention to his childrens’ career. No one without a strong resume and current career is going to knock off King Leo.
o   Winner: DiCaprio
Wayne Region
·         This is a matchup of two blockbuster actors. Washington (1) and Willis (8) have dominated the box office over the last few decades. The two are legitimate stars who will no doubt get a ton of support. In the end, I think that Denzel has too many fans and Willis has become more of a Cameo guy while Washington still headlines. Washington is not Fallen yet.
o   Winner: Washington
·         This 4 (Damon) vs 12 (Sandler) matchup is a tough one for me. Part of me expects Sandler to go deep in this tourney despite his low seeding because you simply Don’t Mess with the Zohan but Damon has an incredible following and has become a true franchise actor. Though Sandler is one of the funniest ever, his movies have bombed in recent years. Just like Damon may have been destined to become President, he is destined to make the Sweet 16.
o   Winner: Damon
·         The 3 (Depp) vs 6 (Spacey) should be a close one. Spacey has some major iconic roles under his belt but really has not starred in anything in years. Depp is strange yet incredibly entertaining and with the Pirates Franchise as well as many cult classics, Depp is the here and now. He will win this round, here and now.
o   Winner: Depp
·         To round out this part of the bracket, we have a slaughter on our hands. De Niro could have easily been a #1 seed and Malkovich (10) is no match for the Deer Hunter. Malkovich is very talented but even KGB lost. I would be shocked if KGB got 10% of votes.
o   Winner: De Niro
Newman Region
·         I was surprised that Bacon (9) was even in the tournament but a matchup with Jack (1) should not even voted on. This will be an absolute blowout.  I just watched One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and I would have to be crazy to pick Bacon.
o   Winner: Nicholson.
·         A few years ago this Pitt(4) vs Roberts (5) would have been a lot closer but Pitt is still a star and Roberts is more of a legend. Pitt will come on top in this battle. Additionally, this has not been the year of women in the bracket. Pitt may even be prettier. I’m going with Moneyball.
o   Winner: Pitt
·         Given the right matchup, Costner (11) could have pulled out a few upsets given his sports movies credits if not for his matchup against Freeman (3). Freeman ranked #3 could eventually make the final four with such a strong resume. The greatest Narrator of all time may lose eventually but not yet, not yet.
o   Winner: Freeman
Stewart Region
·         I actually think the following matchup will be closer than it appears on paper. I think that Norton (10) is the black horse of the tourney and does stand a chance against Clooney (2). Though in the end of the day I do think the award winning Clooney will win out; but don’t be shocked if there is an upset here.
o   Winner: Clooney
·         Wahlberg (8) may be able to kick my tush, but he stands no chance against Streep. The queen of film can even take on the biggest and baddest tough guy in Hollywood. We could see our first #1 seed go down here in an upset but Streep is still pounding out films and yes they are usually higher quality than Wahlbergs.
o   Winner: Streep
·         Gladiator is one of my favorite films of all time and I always love Russell Crowe (5) but here he faces The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Eastwood may have ended one of the greatest acting careers ever but he is still one of the best directors out there. Eastwood is a beast and a fan favorite among our voters. Eastwood wins this.
o   Winner: Eastwood
·         It’s tough to go against Indiana Jones (3) in any matchup but just looking at Ferrell (11) makes me laugh and I have to go with the funny man. Ferrell’s gags sometimes get old but for some reason I still laugh every time. I am going with the upset in this one.
o   Winner: Ferrell
·         Gene Hackman (7) has never been my favorite actor and I am happy to see his run come to an end. Pacino is an icon and should have an easy run into the Sweet 16.  Pacino is one of the best actors of our generation and should not have any problems with Hackman, despite his Hoosiers fame.
o   Winner: Pacino

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