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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why America is Getting it Wrong with the Hollywood Bracket.

I have followed Colin Cowherd’s Hollywood Bracket very carefully and noticed a trend, the oldies are winning out. I know that these top seeds are top seeds for a reason but I think we are getting this all wrong. In my eyes this bracket is about who is the best Hollywood star/actor. That means, an actor’s star status as well as their acting chops need to be analyzed in every vote. I have gotten the sense that people are just voting with all the top seeds or all the older actors when in fact some of the younger actors should get some more credit. But enough complaining let’s get to the Bracket.
Record: 52-4
Upset Picks: 7-4
Here we go, let’s make the Final Four Picks

Brando Region
·         If DiCaprio (2) got any other #1 he would have had a chance with his acting skills but Hanks (1) more than any other #1 seed has perhaps the greatest acting resume. Hanks is a once in a lifetime actor and a fan favorite. It hurts for me to knock out my boy Leo but my gutt is telling me that Hanks cruises to the Final Four.
o   Winner: Hanks
Wayne Region
·         In another 1-2 matchup Washington (1) takes on De Niro(2). This is a clash of the titans right here. Both are great actors and both have massive followings. In deciding this matchup I decided to put myself in the shoes of the voters. Deep down I think that this generation is more in touch with Denzel who is still starring in films than De Niro who is winding down his career. I am going to go with the masses in this close one and pick Denzel because “King Kong ain’t got nothing on me!!!”
o   Winner: Denzel
Newman Region
·         Can Red make an unbelievable run to the finals? I think so. Freeman (3) is in a nail biter with our favorite Jack (1). I think this will be a super close one as Jack has a strong acting resume and is quite the star. But my heart is telling me that Freeman has won over enough fans and has the resume to upset the #1 seed and clinch his spot in the final four. Who knows, maybe if he loses he will narrate the finals for us.
o   Winner: Freeman
Stewart Region
·         In our last matchup we have some oldies but goodies with Pacino (2) facing off against Eastwood(4). Both have amazing resumes, both are loved by all, and both have massive star status. I don’t know why but I have been riding Eastwood this entire tourney. I think Eastwood has a mystical aura about him that everyone respects. He is such a legend while Pacino has become a one dimensional actor late in his career. For this reason alone, I am going with another upset here.
o   Winner: Eastwood

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