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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why There are 5 Reasons Tim Tebow is Excited but Jets Fans Shouldn’t Be.

The most famous backup QB of all time has come to NYC. With the trade of Tim Tebow to the NY Jets brings to light perhaps the stupidest move I have seen in quite some time. As smart as it was for the Broncos, it was that stupid for the Jets. I am not a Jets fan and I am not in love with Sanchez but I don’t understand why they would ruin someone’s career. I may not believe in Sanchez but I am also not writing him off; well I wasn’t until a few days ago. I believe Sanchez is a good QB and a tough player but he needs to improve to get to the next level. Having Tim Tebow breathing down his neck won’t help.  Here are my five reasons why Tim Tebow is excited but Jets fans shouldn’t be.
1)      This wasn’t a Football decision or PR decision, it was a stupid decisions.
The Jets have many areas of their team that need improvement but I wouldn’t put QB on top of the list. The Team has a new offensive coordinator and should give their team a chance before redoing an entire team’s identity with the Wildcat offense. Sanchez is improving and needs to be given a chance outside of Schottenheimer. Why would you throw a gorilla in the room by the name of Time Tebow. And for the Jets to deny that this was a PR move is ridiculous. You have an entire press conference for your backup QB while your starting QB is given an untelevised conference call. Mark Sanchez is developing and throwing the most popular American athlete since Tiger and Jordan into the locker room as his “backup” is just stupid. Also, don’t hold a press conference and then try to sell season tickets ten minutes later, that doesn’t sound like a pure football decision to me.
2)      If Sanchez was sensitive and fragile before, he is walking on ice now.
Sanchez is well documented to be a very sensitive and fragile personality. He gets offended when he is not supported and does better when instilled with confidence. By adding Tebow to their team, Jets management has decided to send Sanchez to therapy. With every incomplete pass and boo from the crowd, the call for The Chosen One will only increase and any chance of Sanchez emerging as a solid and reliable NFL QB will diminish. Tebow is an all encompassing athlete. Sanchez can even play well but how will he feel when 50 reporters are ignoring him while huddling around Tebow’s locker to discuss his 3 wildcat plays. The 4th year is the most crucial for any young QB, and I see Sanchez heading to therapy before he heads to a Super Bowl.
3)      Even the Jets don’t know what Tebow’s role will be.
It seems like every hour you hear a different term thrown out for Tebow’s role with the team. There is so much confusion it appears the Jets themselves don’t know what Tebow’s role will be. How can he be a backup QB when he is guaranteed plays every game? That is not a backup, that is a dual QB option and if these two compete, Tebow will always win. Who gets the ball within the 5 yard line? Who gets the ball when Tebow is running for an average of 5 yards but Sanchez is throwing for an average of 4? When Tebow fakes a few runs and throws some passes why would the Jets remove him for someone the defense knows will only throw? I just don’t understand how the Jets plan on utilizing Tebow. I don’t understand, Sanchez doesn’t understand and it appears neither do the Jets.
4)      Tebow is not a just another player, he surpasses sports.
Tim Tebow is not an athlete, he is not a leader, he is an Icon. Tebow’s popularity extends beyond sports. It extends to all people of all sexes and ages. Tim Tebow is not just a star, he is a rock star; such on a level not seen since Michael Jordan. Yes I am publically saying that the circus that follows every move and word of the “backup qb” is something we have not seen since Jordan. Tim Tebow’s fanbase is so large and illogical that it doesn’t matter if he is a good QB or not, people will want to see him play. Whether it is the focus on his faith, clean lifestyle or heroics on the field, everyone and anyone is fascinated with him. This is something that Sanchez just can’t compete with. Anything less than a Super Bowl just can’t compete former Gator.
5)      The Jets may have brought in a backup, but Tebow doesn’t plan on complying.
What seems to be missing from the minds of the Jets ownership and management is that while they have brought Tebow in as a “backup”, Tebow plans on starting. Tebow is a great athlete and a winner; and despite his below average throwing, Tebow has decided he is a QB and wants to play that position. He is here to “improve his role with the team”. Coming from a backup QB that means he wants to start. The Jets may not have thought they were bringing in someone to compete with Sanchez but Tebow sure thinks he is going to. This shows just how horrible of a “football” move this is. As Michael Kay as pointed out, “the Jets have traded themselves into a Quarterback Controversy.” 

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