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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why you should vote for the Hollywood Bracket.

Collin Cowherd draws mixed reviews from his listeners for his sports broadcasting. But one thing that everybody agrees on is that Colin’s Hollywood Bracket is amazing. As part of his daily radio show The Herd on ESPN Radio, Colin releases a 64 “team” tournament that runs along the same timeline as the NCAA tournament. Essentially, the Hollywood Bracket is a voting competition with 64 Hollywood actors pitted up against each other as fans vote for the best actor. Each year Colin chooses a different area or topic in Hollywood and he performs this annual tournament to determine the best of the best. This year, The Kolb Review will partake in the tournament. I will be providing my picks for the tournament and some interesting matchups to look out for.

http://espn.go.com/espnradio/bracket?id=7619043 Vote Now!!!!
Here are my brackets.

Marlon Brando Region

• The #1 seed in the will run away with this matchup. While Buscemi may be a fan favorite and has some interesting roles under his belt, the talented actor got a bad draw here. He stands no chance against the all-American Hanks, who with his numerous Oscars is a round 1 lock.
o Winner: Hanks

• The 8-9 matchup is not as close as it would appear. Harris is a well established actor whose movies are some the best ever but its tough going up against Hannibal Lecter. Though on paper this matchup should be close, I would never bet against someone that will eat your face off.
o Winner: Hopkins

• Rocky! Yes Michael Douglas is not facing Stallone, he is facing Rocky. I am a sucker for 5-12 upsets and this will be my first of the tournament. Douglas is an icon with crazy hits like Wall Street, Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction. But if Ivan Drago fell to The Italian Stallion, then Gordon Gekko won’t land a punch. I’m picking the Champ in an upset.
o Winner: Stallone

• If this were fifteen years ago, Moore may stand a chance but this is 2012, Cruise is King. Moore’s name is more often mentioned for her being Ashton Kutcher’s ex than her acting. Moore is iconic and I will never forget the day I saw her kick butt in G.I. Jane; but against Cruise, this is mission impossible. Cruise has reestablished himself over the last few years with a hysterical role in Tropic Thunder and the most recent installment of the MI franchise. Cruise wins this one running.
o Winner: Cruise

• In the 6-11 match, two icons of the 90’s faceoff. Pesci is a classic and there is nothing that makes me sadder to pick against the Goodfellas star but I don’t think he has enough support to top Jackson. I kind of feel that Jackson is either in every amazing or horrible movie made. But his credentials are just too much for Pesci. Sorry Cousin Vinny, but Marisa Tomei won’t get you out of the first round.
o Winner: Jackson

• The 3-14 matchup might as well be 1-100. Dustin Hoffman will not lose to Angela Basset. Despite a solid career including Boyz n the Hood, Basset can’t compete with the Rain Man. He counted toothpicks in a matter of seconds, I think he can handle the first round.
o Winner: Hoffman

• The most intriguing matchup has to be the 7-10 between the Men in Black, Smith and Jones. Tommy Lee has a fantastic career that covers many Genres. He does have some connection with today’s audience which should earn him some votes. Ultimately I don’t think it will be enough against the Fresh Prince. Smith has become the consummate movie star who has even bred with another star to give birth to two more. Smith is a Hollywood big shot and should be able to take down his co-star in this round one matchup but don’t be shocked if there is an upset here.
o Winner: Smith

• 2-15 shouldn’t have even been listed. Paltrow got a bad break being paired up against Leo. Although I don’t think anyone really minds being paired with Leo. In my opinion the greatest actor ever to not win an Oscar, DiCaprio will go deep in the tourney. Its shocking he wasn’t a #1 seed. I don’t think Shakspeare can write any other ending than Leo dominating this matchup.
o Winner: DiCaprio

John Wayne Region

• This is another #1 that won’t be upset in the first round. Bardem has a 1-2 fantastic roles in his career. Washington has a fantastic career. This is not even a contest. Bardem may as well be going up against the American Gangster himself. The star of No Country For Old Men is very good, but Oscar winner Denzel is Unstoppable.
o Winner: Denzel

• In one of three 50/50 matchups, this 8-9 matchup is so close. The king of action Willis faces off against the king of comedy Carrey. I honestly think that Carrey could have pulled off an upset or two in this tourney but being that the audience is a bunch of men; I just don’t see John McClain losing to anyone in the first round. Whenever I picture this matchup I see John McClain kicking Ace Ventura’s A**. For that reason alone, I am going with Willis.
o Winner: Willis

• Here we go again. In another 5-12 upset, I am going with the king of stupid comedies, Adam Sandler. Glen Close is a fantastic actress with 6 Oscar noms, Fatal Attraction and even a successful TV career but she got a tough draw against Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. If that little boy could find his puppy who ran away, Sandler can pull off this upset. Gippidy Goppidy!!
o Winner: Sandler

• In the 4-13 matchup, I think beauty falls a little short. Theron is beautiful and very talented. She has played a wide variety of characters and is quite popular. Unfortunately, she is not as popular or well documented as Damon. With franchises under his belt, Mr. Bourne wins over the guys with force and the girls with that smile and laugh. Too much Bourne, Damon in a landslide.
o Winner: Damon

• I don’t understand how Kevin Spacey is a 6 seed but Del Toro stands no chance. The star of American Beauty and Se7en is way to talented and documented to lose to the talented yet unproven Del Toro. We may not have been able to see the ending of The Usual Suspects coming, but we defiantly see this romping in the making.
o Winner: Spacey

• I almost laughed at this 3-14 matchup. 15 years ago this would have gone differently but after Cage has ruined his reputation with bad films while trying to pay off his debts to the IRS, Depp has become of the most successful Hollywood actors. Depp is fabulous in his roles and though he often plays very strange characters, I don’t expect a strange outcome in this matchup. Sorry Cage, Captain Jack wins this one.
o Winner: Depp

• This is a very interesting 7-10 matchup. Sean Penn and John Malkovich are in a similar boat. Both are proven actors, award winners and yet both are somewhat always behind the scenes and out of the tabloids. My initial reaction was to pick Penn but I think people love Malkovich and I’m going with the Upset. I just wouldn’t bet against Teddy KGB, he has “alligator blood”.
o Winner: Malkovich

• I feel bad for Stiller. Stiller is as funny as they come and one of my favorite actors. Just like his character was unfortunate to have Jack as his father-in-law, Stiller unfortunately has been pared with De Niro. De Niro is De Niro, no more else is needed. Part of me wanted to go with the upset but I just didn’t want to get yelled out by Master Chief Billy Sunday. De Niro wins easily, sorry Zoolander.
o Winner De Niro

Paul Newman Bracket

• This will be the biggest first round blowout there is. Though Cruz is beautiful, Jack Nicholson is career long Hollywood big shot. Though not dominating the theaters of late, Jack is household name and I just don’t see Cruz’s beauty beating out that smile. He may win get 100% of the vote here.
o Winner: Nicholson

• I don’t like this matchup at 8-9. One of the weaker pairings could be one of the closest. Sheen is old and less popular than both his sons while Bacon is just happy to be dancing (pun intended). I don’t really have much differentiating these two for me. Since Bacon is more my generation and I love him in those commercials. I’m calling Bacon in a close one.
o Winner: Bacon

• I don’t see this 5-12 matchup as another upset. Honestly I don’t really see Garcia in the tourney but he won an automatic bid from the Slicked Haired Conference. Roberts has drifted since her marriage to Oscar but the Pretty Woman star is still just that, a star. She wins this easily.
o Winner: Roberts

• The bracket makers are mean. Pitt vs Jolie at 4-13 is cruel. While I have always had a crush on Jolie, her acting career has stalled a little bit while Pitt just gets better and better. Though some blockbusters thrown in, Pitt is a good actor with a good resume. If there was any doubt before, Moneyball has cemented his spot in Hollywood. Pitt takes this one in the domestic dispute matchup and it’s not even close.
o Winner: Pitt

• At 6-11 we have the Bull Durham co-stars; Robbins and Costner. Though Waterworld flopped, Costner has a very good career particularly in the sports world. Field of Dreams, the Love of the Game and Bull Durham are absolute classics but if Andy Dufrein can escape from Shawshank Prison, he can escape this first round matchup. It may be close than you think but I see Robbins pulling it out.
o Winner Robbins

• I don’t really understand how Bridges received such a low bid. The Dude at 14 must have cried when he saw his first round matchup. Morgan Freeman is the ageless Hollywood wonder. I swear I don’t think he looks any different than his first role. Freeman could win this matchup on his movie narrations alone. Thankfully he has an acting career as well. Freeman is headed deep into the tourney and it starts with a round 1 win.
o Winner: Freeman

• This is a very interesting matchup. Daniel Day Lewis (7) and Ed Norton (10) are both very intriguing stars and award winners yet neither one is a box office dominating star. This is particularly tough for me since they are two of my favorite actors. Though no one immerses himself more into his roles than Daniel Day (Daniel Plainview and Abraham Lincoln), I think Norton and his Rounder’s fans will pull this one out. If Bill ‘The Butcher’ Cutting is reading this, please don’t kill me.
o Winner: Norton

• I had tears of laughter the first time I saw Rush Hour. Unfortunately, that is where Jackie Chan’s resume stops. He stands no shot vs Hollywood’s pretty boy Clooney. Clooney has earned my respect as an actor with The Descendants and will easily earn a first round win.
o Winner: Clooney

Jimmy Stewart Bracket

• There are very actors as fun as Matthew McConaughey, he just looks like he is always so happy to be a star. Unfortunately, those abs of his can even touch Hollywood’s golden girl Meryl Streep. Widely considered the greatest actress alive, Streep could walk to the elite 8 this year. She won her Oscar and may just win this tourney.
o Winner: Streep

• This is an interesting 8-9 matchup. Wahlberg doesn’t get the best reviews for his acting but he is a legit movie star. Baldwin is a great actor but better known for TV than movies. While the voting may be close with Baldwin on TV every week, Wahlberg has too much chops to lose this one and additionally, he is a bad-a**, I don’t want to pick against him.
o Winner: Wahlberg

• Part of me was fearing another 5-12 upset but after thinking about it. Maximus Decimus Meridius will live on to fight another day. Steve Martin is a fan favorite in Hollywood but his humor and 12 children won’t be enough to top the very talented and Oscar winning Gladiator. If he can take down Denzel, he can handle the Father of the Bride.
o Winner: Crowe

• The 4-13 matchup is by far the hardest one I had to make. I love Clint Eastwood, both as an actor and perhaps even more as a director. In the first round he faces Liam Neeson, yes the Liam Neeson who fights gangsters and wolfs with his bear hands. Though Neeson has begun to collect a Chuck Norris-like fan base, The career of Eastwood must propel him to the top in this matchup. Speaking of which, some may ask why Chuck Norris is not in this tournament? That’s a stupid question because Chuck Norris is this tournament.
o Winner: Eastwood

• If Robert Goulet was alive he would laugh at this matchup. Life long star, Foster (6) seems like a shoe in against funny man Ferrell (11), unfortunately, Ferrell is actually Ron Burgendy, Ricky Bobby and Chazz Michael Michaels all in one. Ferrell makes people laugh but will make Foster cry here as he pulls off the upset.
o Winner: Ferrell

• With a low seeding of 14, Portman got a rough first round draw, Indiana Jones. Ford and that deep voice will always win over the fans and will knock off this Princess Ballet dancer in the first round. They each had their career defining roles; I guess it was the one who used a whip that will win this one.
o Winner: Indy

• I happen to not love Gene Hackman, and I do love Halle Berry which makes this decision all the more difficult. While I like the beautiful Berry, her acting resume is not more impressive than the higher seeded Hackman. Take into affect that this is a sports-audience poll, I am guessing the coach of all coaches will at least make it to the second round. Sorry Halle, but even Bond can’t help you out of this pickle.
o Winner: Hackman

• Witherspoon earned her place in the tourney, albeit a 15 seed. Sneaking into the tourney, she cant be surprised with her first round matchup against #2 Pacino. Pacino dominated every genre of film and has some of the most iconic movie (especially guy movie) roles of all time. Reese Witherspoon is that girl Scarface kills for fun. This matchup won’t be any different.
o Winner: Pacino

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  1. I'm surprised Mel Gibson wasn't considered as an entry--"Freeeeeduum!!!!!!"