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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Why You May Never Go on a Chairlift Ever Again. (Netflix Jewel #4 Frozen)

If you are one of those beginner skiers who immediately pull down the bar the second the chairlift is moving and yell at your friend for swinging the chair because you are afraid the chair may fall, don’t see this movie. Frozen is a not so well known film that will have you cringing until the very end. This thriller/horror film revolves around three skier/snowboarder friends who take one last run on a ski mountain when unknowingly; the ski resort shuts down for the week leaving the three friends stranded on the chair to endure the freezing cold weather and brutal conditions. With no way down, the threat of frostbite and hypothermia lurking, the friends realize there is a new danger out there, one that not only strikes but is hungry. The film is gruesome at times and will definitely have you feeling uneasy but that is the true beauty of the film. I will be honest. It is not the greatest film ever made and neither the cast nor the script is quite strong enough to carry the movie in ways that will change you but they do the job.For a low budget film you will definitely get your monies worth here.

Again there is not much to the plot other than the survival of these three individuals but you will be entertained and you will watch to see what happens, even if your stomach is telling you to look away at times. Being a life-long skier, I felt like I needed to see this film and though not blown away, it is definitely worth a watch.

I would like to issue a warning; please sit through the first 15 minutes of the film and endure the pain that you will suffer. The acting and dialogue is particularly atrocious but once the trio gets stuck on the chair the film really begins. I read a great review of the film by Perri Nemiroff and wanted to include part of it here.

“Green (director) doesn’t hold back in the least when it comes to the sheer terror of the situation. There’s gore, screaming and disturbing concepts guaranteed to make you squirm in your seat. What makes each element so powerful is how real they feel, which, ironically, is somewhat due to the characters. The group that was once inauthentic becomes so emotionally engaging that their predicament will break your heart. Of course this reaction also stems from the peril and extreme nature of their situation.

As the friends start to fall apart, we get to see every gory detail – literally. Rather than a slasher movie stab-and-go, the suffering the characters endure is so drawn out, there’s ample time to digest the situation and really relate to their pain. Even the less-physical moments are powerful.

Ultimately Frozen weathers the storm and delivers a truly horrifying experience. It’s nearly impossible to keep your hands from covering your eyes or at least taking a quick breather and glancing to the side of the screen. More importantly, Frozen is just a fun film. This is a perfect movie to enjoy with your friends, not because it’s too frightening to see alone, but because it evokes the kind of WTF/OMG reaction and that’s just awkward to share that with a stranger.”

I strongly suggest the film as a source of entertainment. Just be sure not to watch it the day before you hit the slopes.

Sex: Nothing
Violence: Very graphic violence and gore
Language: Not bad at all
Drugs: None
Rated: R
Run time: 134 minutes
Grade: 3 Stars

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